About YouMotorcycle

What we are
YouMotorcycle is a motorcycle lifestyle blog. We strive to maintain a website that will be appreciated by those who see motorcycling as a lifestyle and not simply a hobby, a sport or a method of transportation.

Who we are
Most of the posts on the site are written by past or present international motorcycle industry professionals. We remain fiercely independent, innovative, and unconventional. We bring a no-nonsense attitude and tell it like it is in our reviews and reports.

Our philosophy
Soccer is the beautiful game, hockey is coolest game on earth, but motorcycling is the world’s greatest outdoor sport. We love the connection between man (or woman) and machine, the open road, the freedom, and the energy.

The plan
We want to showcase the best of the online motorcycle community. We stay dedicated to encouraging more people to enjoy motorcycling, by helping new riders get into the sport and inspiring current riders to get out more.

Where you fit in
We’re always looking for your stories, your adventures, your motorcycle reviews, and your events. Send us your write up. If it sounds honest, intelligent, and interesting, we’ll share it. We’re pretty friendly, so contact us.

Also, we have a Patreon page where readers can support us and the content being created, so if you don’t feel like writing but want to pledge $1/month, that’s cool too!

Media kit and more info will soon be available. Stay tuned.

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