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Kick-ass cell phone mount and usb charger

How To Install: Cell Phone Mount & USB Charger – V-Rod

Last month I shared my excitement about finding a Kick-Ass Cell Phone Mount and USB Charger for only $20 on Amazon. I finally took some time to install it, with a little help from my neighbor’s kid. Here are some thoughts about the cell phone mount and usb charger, along with some a walk-through of the installation on my 2006 Harley-Davidson VRSCD V-Rod Night Rod.


If you want to know more about the features of this cell phone mount and usb charger, be sure to click here to see last month’s article. In that article I cover not only the features, but some reviews (both positive and negative), why I wanted it, and some generic installation tips.

In this article I’ll tackle some of the feedback I found on Amazon. As always I’ll be looking at both the positive and the negative to determine if the product lives up to the hype, and whether the reported short falls are due to product failures, or user errors.

Lastly, I’ll be including some step by step pics on how I installed this cell phone mount and USB charger to my Harley-Davidson V-Rod. If you have another motorcycle this should give you a pretty good idea how to handle it.

Thank you, eManualOnline

Now that that’s over with, I want to give props to Alec at eManualOnline.com. These guys have a huge selection of car and motorcycle service manuals, even for bikes such as my 2006 Harley-Davidson V-Rod, and much older ones as well. I also got a manual for my Jeep Patriot Limited 4×4 from eManualOnline as well, so if you’re looking for a service manual / shop manual for your vehicle at a fraction of the price, check them out.

eManualOnline Service Manual Snapshot

Note: These guys do have an affiliate program, but I do not participate in it. That means I get no compensation whether or not I share their site and whether or not you buy anything – BUT – they have a lot on their site, so check them out if you’d like a manual for your bike or car.

Installation on a V-Rod

After going through my new service manual pdf, I got started by lifting up the seat and removing the one bolt that keeps my V-Rod’s air box cover (the fake gas tank) in place.

Step 1

Once you’ve unclipped the 8 clips that hold the next cover in place, disconnect the O2 sensor and unscrew the, uh, spinny-thingy, to continue.

Step 2

If you’re doing this project with your neighbor’s kid in your garage, like I was, now is a good time to ask them to twist the throttle to show them how the velocity stacks open and close to let air in to the bike. Now is also a great time to clean or replace your air filter, or upgrade to one of these performance air filters for a boost to your V-Rod’s power.

Step 3

Remove the negative battery connection first, then the positive next. Next put the rings from the cell phone mount and usb charger through the bolts when you reconnect the battery, black to black, red to red. This time you’ll go positive (red) first, then black. To get my cables this far I removed the vented grill at the front of the bike (not shown) and ran them through there.

Step 4

After that, test it out. The Kick-Ass Cell Phone Mount and USB Charger that I recommend has an On/Off switch which has a little light up LED. That should tell you whether or not it’s working, but go ahead and fire up your bike and charge your phone anyway.

Check out page two for more installation tips, my reflection on some of the feedback I saw from other purchasers on Amazon, as well as my own feedback on the item.

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