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All You Need to Know About Interstate Car Transport

If you want to move your car or your vehicle across the country, there are several options you may consider. For instance, you can opt to drive the car yourself or seek the services of an interstate vehicle transport company. For most people, the latter option seems to be the most convenient to move a car across the country.

If you are intending to move a car to another state or across the country, here is what you need to know about interstate vehicle transport:

  1. Types of shipping

A significant number of shipping firms can move almost all types of vehicles to the intended location. Among the different ways that your car can get to the intended location is through either open or enclosed car transport. However, while the former is cheaper and preferred by most people, it can expose your car to the risk of being damaged. Conversely, the enclosed car transport can offer your car greater protection. However, while enclosed car transport is the best, it is more expensive compared to an open transporter. 

Further, depending on the type of shipping you prefer, you also need to make a choice on the type of delivery, whether door to door, drop off, or collect your car at a particular depot. Nevertheless, you also need to note that door to door may not necessarily mean delivery at your doorstep, but as close as possible, especially if the road leading to your resident is narrow and impassible by a large transporter.

  1. Costs

To move vehicles interstate, it is also important to take into consideration the cost of shipping. More than often, the cost usually depends largely on the type of service you need. Besides, the type of vehicle also you intend to move and the distance also determines the shipping cost. Normally, car shipping quotes tend to vary from one company to another, and as such, you must make efforts to compare their services and related cost before choosing the one you consider to be the better option.

  1. Duration

The time that your car may take to get to its intended destination can be influenced by several factors. For instance, going for cheaper services means less flexibility in the sense that how your car is moved depends largely on the shipping firm’s schedule rather than your own. In such a case, moving a car across states or the country may take a longer duration, probably 2-4weeks. However, if you are willing to pay more for shipping services, you can expect your car to reach its intended destination within a specific period of about 7-14 days. However, you need to keep in mind that due to unavoidable circumstances such as breakdowns, bad weather, or traffic conditions most firms may not be certain or guarantee delivery dates.


In case you need to move vehicles interstate, it is important to focus more on how shipping companies operate as well as the different services that they offer. In essence, such consideration can help you to make an informed decision about the right choice to move your car across the country.

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