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Suzuki SV Countryside Lane
Photo by ToreLo on FlickR.

An Almost Perfect Country Lane Motorcycle Ride

Sometimes having a work schedule that changes every week is a hassle, and I miss the days I worked Monday through Friday and had weekends off like everybody else. Sometimes, though, it works to my advantage. Like when I have the ability to go for a ride. On a Tuesday. When there’s no traffic, because everybody else is at their Monday to Friday job.

So, last week, I fired up the SV, and rolled out of the driveway, ignoring that the front tire slid on a patch of mud from the previous night’s rain. Not a good omen for a ride, but then, maybe it was just getting any sliding for the day out of the way early, right?

The forecast called for an even-odds chance of rain, and I was only out for a short ride, so I left the rain gear at home. Turned out I didn’t need it. It was a nice day: patchy clouds, but early enough in the year that it was still warm. The streets were just wet enough that you could tell it had rained, but not enough to spray water on you.

I went a direction I don’t normally go; I was looking for a road I’d discovered entirely by accident after taking a wrong turn a couple of months ago. The area is in that borderland between “suburb” and “the country”, and I turned off a larger, but still not-so-busy road onto what I think is often referred to as a “country lane”. It’s not a term I hear used a lot in my part of the world – usually we say “country road”, but that has a different connotation to me.

Suzuki SV Motorcycle Ride

Pic by pixelfever on FlickR.

This was almost like stepping into a different part of the country, just by making a simple turn. There were large fields and long driveways branching off the road to either side, and the road had some nice sweeping curves, and more than one that was deceptively sharp.

It was almost like a postcard type road – you could see barns way back from the fields, and there were trees lining the road almost the entire length, with their branches growing over the road to intertwine overhead. I half expected a covered bridge to be somewhere, but with no river or railroad, there was sadly no need for one.

I could tell the little road was nearing another highway intersection, so I hit the last curve a little hard, leaned over and then powered out. I may or may not have lifted the front tire just a little bit coming out of it…

All in all, a great ride on an accidentally discovered road. A road, coincidentally enough, discovered on an earlier midweek ride. So, I guess the ever-changing work schedule ain’t such a bad thing, after all.

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  1. I wanna build that website: “Great Bikerides in Your Neck of the Woods”……..dot com!

  2. Thanks for this! I am intrigued. Can you provide location details?

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