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Best Motorcycle Roads in the World

Another Best Motorcycle Roads in the World Infographic

This Best Motorcycle Roads in the World infographic was sent in by GetGeared. It’s a quick post because we’ve been busy making a whole lot of plans this week:

I’m (Adrian) on my way to Quebec City for the Salon Moto / Quebec City motorcycle show which begins tomorrow, February 6th, 2015. If you’d like to meet me in la belle province this year, this is your chance. I’m also working on reserving a motorcycle rental for more overseas riding… Destination: Europe. Here I come!

Speaking of overseas motorcycle riding, in August 2014 we hit up Eagle Rider San Francisco for a motorcycle rental and couldn’t have been happier. The West Coast was a hoot, but this year it’s Michael Scott’s turn, and he’s going east. MS will be visiting the Orlando Eagle Rider location for a motorcycle rental. More on that, in the Spring.

Eagle Rider San Francisco

Back in YouMotorcycle homeland, Toronto, WobblyCat (the motorcyclist photographer who famously photographed our motorcycle contortionist photo shoot) is headed to the Toronto Auto Show‘s media day. Wobbly was excited even before we told him about the free breakfast. I’m pretty sure we made his day.

Speaking of shows, last week we saw Josh‘s first story on YouMotorcycle: Michigan: Biker’s Heaven and Frozen Hell. Josh is on his way to the Chicago motorcycle show / Progressive International Motorcycle Show.

All this to say…

YouMotorcycle is going to some very cool places this winter/spring. If you’re not already on the team you should get in touch with us and send in an article.

Now, what you’re really here, the very cool places that we recommend you ride… with special thanks to our buddy Chris who did this for GetGeared. Included are Route 66 in the United States, Grosslockner High Alpine Road in Austria, SS38 in Italy, Bundesstrabe 500 in Germany, D8 in Croatia, and the 206 in Italy and Slovenia.

1 The Best Motorcycle Roads2 Route 663 Grosslockner High Alpine Road4 SS385 Bundesstrabe6 D87 2068 GetGeared

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  3. RT @YouMotorcycle: Another Best Motorcycle Roads in the World Infographic http://t.co/1o72X9hO3S

  4. Another Best Motorcycle Roads in the World Infographic http://t.co/f2wOGxVhsS via @YouMotorcycle – 2 on our doorstep 2 others to start here!

  5. As long as the “mixed grill” they’re talking about isn’t YOUR front wheel “mixed up” with the front end of an oncoming antique Daimler-Benz touring beast!

  6. RT @YouMotorcycle: Infographic: Best Motorcycle Roads in the World http://t.co/tCotnpP2R8

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