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Nexo Fly Angel Women Motorcycle Jacket

Another Womens Leather Jacket Sold

We sold another ladies leather jacket this week, more specifically the NEXO Fly Angel ladies motorcycle jacket. The last time we mentioned it was when we got this excellent review from “G”. This week we sold another Fly Angel to Dawn and Carl in New York. Thanks guys! Feel free to send a review in a few weeks when you’ve had the chance to really put your NEXO Fly Angel to the test!

Fly Angel Ladies Motorcycle Jacket - InsideAbout the YouMotorcycle Shop:

We created the web shop some time in 2013-2014 and the Fly Angel jacket was one of the very first items we added to it. It was one of those things we really believed in and still do to this day.

That’s what the YouMotorcycle Shop is all about. Sharing the products that we’ve tried, and tested, and believed in. The stuff that we use ourselves. If you read our five year anniversary post you read about all of the people who come together to make YouMotorcycle happen. If you see us liking something enough to not only review it on the site, but list it for sale through the shop then you can bet it’s been tried and tested and we love it.

About the Fly Angel Ladies Motorcycle Jacket:

Here’s our own images and write up on the Fly Angel ladies motorcycle jacket along with some pictures of the jacket:

A motorcycle jacket is a very personal thing. It’s a motorcyclist’s second layer of skin. It should be strong, attractive, and a little racy. A jacket should reflect the motorcyclist who wears it, and it should be comfortable too.

Perfect for a ride on a retro style motorcycle or a night on the town, The Fly Angel is a more than just a fashion statement. The double stitching, YKK zippers, and thoughtful design cuts tell the tale of a well put together piece. For any female motorcyclists who want to look like a lady, and not a power ranger, but don’t want to show their skin, the Fly Angel is a nice compromise.

The Fly Angel also doubles as great going out jacket. It turns heads and you’ll feel great standing out above the pleather wearing or power-ranger-looking little girls.

Fly Angel Ladies Motorcycle Jacket


Nexo Fly Angel Women Motorcycle Jacket

At $299 with free shipping anywhere in Canada and $15 shipping anywhere in the USA these jackets are a great Christmas gift idea. No pressure. We’re not about pressure, but if you are interested, check out the jacket here.

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  1. Another Womens Leather Jacket Sold http://t.co/ZE2C4dWvUX … (@Gabby_DB gets a shout out)

  2. Really like the look of this jacket but the typo on both the back and the inside concerns me. Fly Angle??

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