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Be a Better Motorcycle Rider with These Top Tips

If you ride a motorcycle regularly, you’ll know how enjoyable it can be. Not only is it practical, but it’s smooth, fast and exhilarating. However, it’s an unfortunate fact that many motorcycle riders don’t drive as well as they should. This means that accidents are common – and often unpleasant (if affected, contact a motorcycle accident law firm). It’s important to constantly hone your skills and learn to be a better motorcycle rider to avoid accidents. The following tips will help.

Mix it up

Most motorcycle riders only ride one bike. It’s unusual for a biker to have several bikes stashed away. However, continually riding the same bike can mean you get too comfortable. Riding a new bike will help you shake off bad habits and stop being complacent.

Ride in a group

We all learn from others. Riding in a group means that you’ll pay attention to your fellow bikers and pick up their good practices. You’ll be less tempted to speed on ahead and drive unsafely because you’ll have a pack mentality. Plus, you’ll have fun and share some great experiences.

Experience varying weather conditions

All motorcycle riders should practice riding during various weather conditions. We can’t plan what the weather will do, so it’s good to get the practice when you can. Riding in the rain is especially useful because you’ll need to focus more on traction, lean angle and smooth breaking. Plus, you’ll find it harder to see so you’ll need to pay extra attention. However, only ride of the weather is safe to do so – don’t get on your bike in a storm!

Go on track

Riding competitively is a great way to challenge yourself and better your skills. No one wants to finish last or make a fool of themselves in front of a crowd. So, why not enter a race to challenge yourself and become an even better rider?

Keep it clean

Maintaining your bike is one of the most important parts of being a motorcycle rider. You won’t ride well if your bike is dirty, scuffed or damaged. Doing your own maintenance will help you learn more about your bike and how it works. Plus, it’ll give you the incentive to drive smoothly and not damage it.

Sit right

You probably know that the way you sit on your bike enhances the experience. It’s important to be streamlined – and bad posture means that you won’t drive as effectively. If you’re slouching you’ll struggle to see and your reflexes will be slower. So, keep a straight back and keep your eyes on the road ahead.

Drive a car

How will driving a car help you ride a motorcycle better? Some motorcyclists become so comfortable that they forget what it feels like. Driving a car from time to time will help you realize how easy it can be to accidentally hit a motorcyclist, ensuring you become a safer rider and don’t push your luck.

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