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News: Harley-Davidson Closes Kansas City Plant – What Happened?

News: Harley-Davidson Closes Kansas City Plant - What Happened?

Friday May 24th was the last day of production at the Harley-Davidson's factory in Kansas City, Missouri. Here's what happened, why the plant was closed, where these bikes will go, what this means for bikes we were hoping would come back, what happens to the plant and the former employees, and where Harley-Davidson goes from here.

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Free Motorcycle Shop Kit (Table Lift & More) Giveaway

Free Motorcycle Shop Kit

A chance to win a free motorcycle shop kit, including table lift, dolly, and more? Sign me up! For anyone who's ever done their own motorcycle maintenance or wants to get started in that world, this one's for you. When Alex at Discount Ramps first told me this contest was coming up, I knew this was too good to miss out. Today the contest has officially started, so I wanted to share it with all of you ASAP.

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