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Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally

Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally Riders

In 1987, more than two thousand motorcycle enthusiasts from the Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club, joined the founder, Corporal Ray Manzo at the Capitol Building in Washington DC to host an exciting motorcycle event dedicated to acknowledge war heroes. The event was named Rolling Thunder I.

Member Bob Schmitt imagined that the motorcycle rally would be like a sound of rolling thunder, giving birth to the rally's name. Not the most original, but it works, and this isn't a motorcycle rally to be taken lightly.

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Black Bike Week

Black Bike Week

Black Bike Week might not be very famous to most people in the United States and neighboring countries. However, it is an event full of history and deserves a commendation to all bike lovers out there. You might have not heard of Black Bike Week before but its level can be compared to the top Motorcycle Rallies known around the globe. It was created because of the strong influence of the world famous Daytona Beach Bike Week.

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Laconia Motorcycle Week

laconia motorcycles

The Laconia Motorcycle Week is one of the biggest bike rallies in the world. Over-delivering on its name, the event lasts for 9 days. It held a record attendance in 2004, where 375,000 bikers joined in on the action. Laconia takes claim to being America’s Original Riding Rally. Laconia reigns down on the global scale of all motorcycle rallies at a whooping 89 years old!

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Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally street at night

Sturgis is one of the largest motorcycle rallies in the world.
The Sturgis motorcycle rally attracts half a million motorcycle enthusiasts (some say "Bikers") from all across North America for "Bike Week", one of the most amazing motorcycle experiences of all time. Add it to your bucket list, folks, you don't want to miss this mecca of motorcycling.

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International Female Ride Day 2012

IFRD 2012

This week MOTORESS unveiled the new for 2012 International Female Ride Day logo. I've had the chance to meet with Vicki Gray of MOTORESS on a number of occasions. We've walked through the aisles of the International Motorcycle Show in Toronto, and shared coffees and drinks, I've even written about the glamourous female motorcyclist. International Female Ride Day is a MOTORESS initiating campaign aimed at highlighting the female motorcyclist and encouraging other women to take up the sport.

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