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Interview: Worth “E.T.” Cadenhead

Worth Cadenhead

One day, Worth "E.T." Cadenhead decided to follow us on Twitter. It must've been a really slow news day because I asked if he'd like to do an interview on the site. Well, it turns out this resident Texan motorcyclist and motorcycle dealership worker is a little more interesting than his profile mug shot makes him seem!

Worth talks of growing up on bikes, motorcycle riding adventures, the Gypsy Motorcycle Club, and making the switch from cruiser to a sport bike that sportbikers don't actually consider a sport bike. Check it out:

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An Outsider’s Perspective of Motorcyclists

An Outsider’s Perspective of Motorcyclists

"G" - Dancer / Contortionist / Aerialist
The world is a better place when hanging upside down

Adrian at YouMotorcycle proposed the idea to me of writing an outsider’s perspective of motorcyclists.

As ignorant as this might sound, up until 3 months ago I didn’t think there was much of a motorcycle community, let alone an entire motorcycle world, but YouMotorcycle has opened up my eyes to something new to me.

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To Stu Seaton, Motorcycle Mojo Magazine

Motorcycle Ride

Streets and Tracks article, Motorcycle Mojo, December 2012

I read your post "Streets and Tracks" and I think you're working on the assumption everyone cares to live when in fact many of us are indifferent. Who's to say Randy Scott thought he had the skill to do what he did, could it not have been that he just didn't care?

It doesn't do much for the image of the rest of the law-abiding motorcyclists, and it is irresponsible, but we can't work on the assumption that someone was being arrogant or having poor judgement, when in reality a lot of people just aren't afraid.

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Hey Newb. (it’s time to get a motorcycle)

new motorcycle rider

We all know that the Mayans foreshadow our impending doom on December 21th. That is a truth we can’t escape, so buying Christmas presents is for fool and you’d be absolutely mad to even spend a moment thinking how you’d like to ring in 2013. But say for a moment they are wrong. It sounds crazy but just for a moment try to imagine waking up on December 22nd with the sense of endless possibilities and an entire world ripe for the pickin’.

If you were granted a few more decades to roam this little planet of ours, how would you spend it? Okay, those of you with a scooter or motorcycle ownership cramped somewhere in your wallet this post is not meant for you, because then obviously you get it. If you do have your ‘less than four-wheel’ license, and you aren’t a resident of a third-world country, then you understand the need to sacrifice things like traveling in comfort and increased safety just for the thrill of the open road.

So for those of you who were likely forwarded a link to this article by your friend who has a motorcycle or your daughter/son who is trying to justify getting their license this article is for, it’s for you, newb.

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Pink Motorcycle Gear

Sitting on a sunny patch of grass we saw her, in her highlighter pink gear. She climbed off after parking awkwardly. Her gear and her bike looked like they were either impeccably well kept, or hadn’t seen much road. I looked back to our helmets and bikes. They were stained, scratched and splattered. They were seasoned vets. Even my ex’s gear showed all the wear of many happy roads together. Their beauty was in their miles, not in their parking lot grassy hillside appeal.

My ex rolled her eyes as the girl left her bike. “I hate pink,” she declared.

As a female motorcyclist, what does pink gear mean to you?

I decided to do a little survey of some of my female motorcyclist blogging friends from across the world. The question was: "As a female motorcyclist, what does pink gear mean to you?". The results were as diverse as the women who wrote in.

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