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2006 Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSC Street Rod

Harley-Davidson V-Rod Street Rod

Neither sportbike, nor cruiser. Neither Harley, nor Porsche. The Street Rod is a conundrum of a motorcycle. Original V-Rod owners and fans wailed about the suspension, both front and rear, and the V-Rod's unsporting handling, particularly in corners. Say what you well about Harley-Davidson's creative and marketing departments but these guys know exactly what they're doing and they know how to take a hint.

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New KYMCO 2012 Models

KYMCO's New 2012 Models

KYMCO's New 2012 ModelsThe secret is out! KYMCO has announced their new 2012 models. They will be offering four new scooters to us, with the new models ranging from 50cc to 200cc. The new models feature some great tech specs and these scooters shouldn't be overlooked by any current or future motorcycle rider.

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Flake and Flames: Kustom Kulture Adventure

Flakes and Flames

Motorcyclists live a lifestyle far from the mainstream. We don’t hold the same set of values as everyone else. We don’t comply with society’s prescribed notions of acceptable norms and behaviours. In a world of cages, rules, and safety nets, we find ourselves a counter-culture all of our own. Whether we sweat in the dirt, shave seconds off at the track, stroll the boulevards, or spend hours in the shop creating a machine like no other, we’re all part of riding and her many subcultures.
A new documentary film, Flake and Flames, looks at the Kustom Kulture, one of our most colorful. The film looks at top artists and designers from around the world, and some of the hottest rides.

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KYMCO Downtown 300i

KYMCO Downtown 300i

The all new 2011 KYMCO Downtown 300i's have landed in Canada, many have been awaiting its arrival date. The Downtown 300i was designed with maxi-scooter performance and sport bike agility for the perfect scooter experience. The scooter looks particularly sharp and looks equally as good on paper. We took our first look at two of them today at Studio Cycle Group in Toronto.

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