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The Complete Gift Guide for Car-Enthusiasts

The Complete Gift Guide for Car-Enthusiasts

The holidays are fast approaching – or maybe you’ve got a birthday coming up – so now’s the best time to sort out what you’re going to buy the car-lovers in your life! (Stopping short of an actual car…that could be too expensive!)

We’ve put together a list of easy, fun, and thoughtful gift ideas for those obsessed with four wheeled vehicles.


Motorsport Apparel

Drift Clothing are a great brand who sell sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts and vests emblazoned with dozens of different motorsport designs – perfect for wearing while driving whatever the weather. Each clothing item comes in a variety of different colors.

The company also sells a range of posters, mugs, phone and tablet cases, lanyards, and backpacks. Your son needs a new school backpack? Your nephew would like a new iPad case? Your brother in law could use a new mug? Awesome – get them all in one place here!

Fluffy Steering Wheel Covers

Is it winter where you are? If so, you’ll know the horror of having to drive with your hands on a freezing cold steering wheel in the morning… Well, we have a solution!

Super-fluffy steering wheel covers look cute, come in every color you could imagine and protect hands from getting frostbite on your early morning drive into work. You know your sister would love one.

You can find them on Amazon and eBay for under $15 – so cheap, it could be a stocking filler!

On the same track, you can also get matching fluffy seat covers, to turn your entire car into the comfiest, most colorful vehicle on the block.

Bonus for Canadians (or anyone with cold hands): HEATED STEERING WHEEL COVERS! Like these ones!


Driving Sunglasses

Specialized driving sunglasses are vital for anyone using their car in the summer or in blinding sunlight. They need to have high UV protection, and of course look the part.

Luckily, these come in all styles and colors – there’s a pair for everyone. This is a great thoughtful and practical gift for your loved ones who love to drive or cycle.


Latest Car Technology

Check out some of these car gadgets, perfect for anyone who loves their tech toys:

  • Dash cam – these video devices from brands like Rexing and Indigi are awesome for catching memorable drives, for those who like to take the scenic route.
  • Bluetooth kit – so you can make calls and listen to music while in the driver’s seat, hands free.
  • USB car charger – never run out of phone battery with these tiny gadgets. Perfect stocking fillers!
  • Car wi-fi kit – anyone receiving one of these will love you forever! Turn your car into a wireless hotspot, so your passengers can watch videos and send messages with ease. These are fabulous for long journeys where you need to entertain young children, or for streaming your favorite music while you drive.


Car Care Kit

Know someone who’s addicted to polishing their car? Get them a complete cleaning and polishing kit for Christmas.

Brands like Meguiar’s do full kits containing gloss shine tire gel, car wash, plastic clean and polish, interior cleaner, chamois cloths and much more.

A great present idea for someone who just got their license!


The Drop Stop

This amazing gadget stops your small items from falling down the gaps between your seat and door – never lose your phone or loose change under your seats again!

These incredibly useful gap fillers retail for only $20 on Amazon – order yours today, then get a set for your whole family!


Personalized Key Ring

A great alternative for those who can’t afford personalized license plates (because who can?) – personalized key rings!

These come in all colors, from tons of different websites. You can get cute ones made from wood, but there are loads of different material options.


Travel Flask

Send your loved ones off to work in their car each morning with spill-free hot coffee!

Travel mugs and flasks are inexpensive, available everywhere and are a sweet gift so that your friends and family can enjoy their drinks without spilling all over their laps.


Car Racing Video Game

For the kids who can’t drive yet – or the big kids who still love video games! Everyone in the family loves a competitive video game race, made even more fun with racing wheel controllers you can purchase for your games console.

Try out the new Grand Theft Auto, Gran Turismo, or NASCAR games – sure to be a hit when unwrapped on Christmas morning.

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