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Custom Motorcycle Builder Videos

Shinya KimurabikerMetric just shared a great video on Shinya Kimura, a personal favorite motorcycle builder of mine. Shinya has been involved in motorcycles for over 25 years. He’s the originator of the “zero style” custom motorcycle originating in Japan. His work would quickly gain recognition for its minimalistic and vintage style of bikes. Shinya shows the beauty of the raw materials incorporated into his designs. He now works out of his shop, Chabott Engineering, in Azusa, California. Shinya mentions in the video that he doesn’t sketch out his creations, he simply creates based on how he feels in that moment. Check out the video to get a feel of what he’s all about:

Our second film is called The Build Film. It set out to explore the culture of motorcycle building. The film crew met with motorcycle builders in Portland, Oregon. “There was pointing, laughing, and some improvisation, but no compromises.”

Besides just being visually beautiful and a motorcycle heartthrob, what I found interesting is that the film is meant to be interactive. Other websites haven’t mentioned this, but I’m going to go ahead and say it: You aren’t meant to watch The Build Film on some blog, you’re meant to watch it on a special website created for it, so that you can explore all of the extra features and goodies.

Here’s what I suggest: Take a few minutes, watch another amazing video. If you like it, visit www.thebuildfilm.com for more.

What did you think of these films? Please leave your comments below.

Adrian S.

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  1. I like this, you got the right attitude too. Motorcycle work is hard w/long hours, it keeps you young in a way tho’. I don’t know if doing a dealer “MC Tech” gig could even touch the fun or level of satisfaction this young man gets. I wish we could do it twice,motors turn vintage, we get old. My best days are helping the young guys with their “50 year old” iron. You doubt me? My younger self, was on page 116-117 H.B. Magazine April 2013, from their archives almost 30 years ago. You’ve got my props buddy, just one ?, did you tighten that Trumpet’s chain?

    • Thanks and way to go Mark! If you’ve got those pages of the magazine scanned email them to us, it’d be cool to share a reader in a mag on the site!

      • Well , getting remembered for a ’38 Knuckle, “The Hammer of Hell” was a surprise, considering the orig date of publication was Dec. 1985. I bought 3 @ dealers, see, scan, copy paste etc, all that, is not in my skill set., I did go on their site, and gave my update, I put a Sporty gas tank on to show off those heads, double tanks hang over too much. I did that ’90’s or so, when I found a right (cam) case, that still had an idler gear ‘boss” on it, my org case was cut out to fit ‘Edison split-dorf” So w/out an idler, no Gen/Lights,( well Hunt Mag w/out gen or lights gets old,) I went 12V Solid state reg,. 20 years ago, when I found the un-cut case, They,everyone, were all right about going to 12V too, I waited too long, for no reason just stupid..I don’t ride much, day or night anyway, but I still do ,a bit, 12V is the only to go. Commenting generally, well I see more, heart
        in today’s Motorcycle “Scene” and the young folks making it happen, than I ever have before, more heart I guess, likely from the economy I want today’s young people to have every chance and opportunity that guys like me , once had,. it’s the only fair way.

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