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Isle of Man TT

Dainese’s Isle of Man TT Video Trilogy

Who doesn’t have a thing about the Isle of Man TT? I can’t be the only one riding my motorcycle every day in the city pretending I’m in my ownsimulated Isle of Man TT, can I? You guys are racing all of the cagers, and the other motorcyclists too, in your heads as well, right?

I guestimate 80% of my annual motorcycle riding (a total generally around 15,000 km) is done in the city. I admit I’m not a certified hooligan, but that’s just because I haven’t wrote the test. I do appreciate history, the finer things, things that go fast, and motorcycling in an urban environment.

A while ago I wrote a post, the best Isle of Man TT videos. It’s time to add three more videos, made by Dainese, you’ll love ’em.

Part 1: The Island

Part 2: The Race

Part 3: The Legend

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