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The Biker Boyz Blocko 8

De Biker Boyz Blocko

2011 marked the 8th annual install of De Biker Boyz Blocko. Featuring “thousands” (well, maybe a thousand) of motorcycles, mostly sportbikes, set to the tune of soca, reggae, and dancehall. The Blocko is an annual gathering that coincides with the weekend before Caribana, a celebration of Caribbean culture and North America’s largest street festival right here in Toronto.

The Blocko features more than just a DJ and some of the hottest bikes under the sun. Stunters Inc. was putting on a hell of a live stunt show, virtually non-stop, all day long. It was enough to make my girlfriend’s jaw drop and nearly knocked my head off as a stunter came zooming by and stopped to rest one foot on the guardrail in front of us. Manufacturers had bikes on display with free swag. Speaking of hot, the bikini bikewash was enough to cool down engines and get hearts racing.

Check out the promotional video and some shots from this year’s event.

The Biker Boyz Blocko 8

Slammed and stretched ZX-14 and Hayabusa with models in the background

Leave the bitch at home, let's go riding

Stunters Inc. was putting on a show all day long

Damn near had my head taken off, just incredible!

Some customs made it out too.

More fun stickers from the Blocko.

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