Ewa Likes Motorcycles

Ewa (like Whateva) called me Monday night. She was hooking her battery back up to her bike. The last time I saw her we were in her garage pulling the battery out of her motorcycle and winterizing it. The temperature was right around freezing but Ewa seemed unfazed and hellbent on going for a ride. You go, girl.

Of course, like anyone doing anything for the first time, the process didn’t go without questions:

“Is it black side first or red side first? …Really? …But some guy on the internet said the opposite.”

“Is there supposed to be sparks?”

“OMG I’m going to blow up. Yes, I am, Adrian, I AM going to electrocute myself!”

“Why is there a plastic red bit over the positive but not over the negative?”

“How do I get this thing to fit back in?!”

It took me back to almost a decade ago. Back then,  I was the one asking all of the questions. A friend was offering up answer after answer. It was a big bright new world. My perspective on life was forever changed. My thirst for knowledge on all things motorcycle was insatiable.

“How can I thank you for your help today?”  I would ask my buddy.

“Don’t pay it back, pay it forward.” He always replied.

I’ve been trying to help new riders ever since. That’s part of how this website came to be.

Ride safe, Ewa!

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