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Flakes and Flames

Flake and Flames: Kustom Kulture Adventure

Flakes and FlamesMotorcyclists live a lifestyle far from the mainstream. We don’t hold the same set of values as everyone else. We don’t comply with society’s prescribed notions of acceptable norms and behaviours. In a world of cages, rules, and safety nets, we find ourselves a counter-culture all of our own. Whether we sweat in the dirt, shave seconds off at the track, stroll the boulevards, or spend hours in the shop creating a machine like no other, we’re all part of riding and her many subcultures.
A new documentary film, Flake and Flames, looks at the Kustom Kulture, one of our most colorful. The film looks at top artists and designers from around the world, and some of the hottest rides.

Flakes and Flames

Internationally acclaimed German photographer Dirk “The Pixeleye” Vehlau and Danish pinstriper and artist Jesper Bram will be spending the rest of the year travelling from California through Europe and ending in Japan to film a feature length documentary about the worldwide Kustom Kulture movement.

The duo have already been travelling and meeting the who’s who of custom motorcycle builders, custom painters, tattoo artists and pin-up girls to share their stories, tricks, and lifestyles. See a few teaser videos below.

Flake and Flames Kustom Kulture Adventure Teaser II

Flake and Flames Kustom Kulture Adventure Teaser III

We wish Flake and Flames lots of success and can’t wait to see the full length film when they get home. Be sure to share this page and leave your comments below. Safe trip boys!

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You can check out the final Flake and Flame trailer here.

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