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Forks Of The Credit Rd.

Forks Of The Credit Rd.

The most popular motorcycling road in the Greater Toronto Area, is historical and beautiful. Forks Of The Credit Road is a great motorcycle riding road just outside of Toronto. Just enjoy the ride, and be wary of OPP on weekends. During the week when traffic is quiet is when you can have some real fun.

It begins east of Hwy 10 and curves its way across the Devil’s Pulpit escarpment to cross the Credit River.

Forks of the Credit Hairpin

The hairpin at Forks of the Credit Rd. is fun, but if you’re a beginner rider, take it going westbound (up the hill) rather than eastbound (down the hill), the climb will be much easier than the descending curve.

The road climbs and dips and has a fun hairpin before smoothing out in the village of Belfountain. Avoid the temptation to gun it around cars in the corners as they are sometimes blind and oncoming traffic may be travelling as quickly as you would like to be.

Did you know?
Belfountain was originally called Tubtown, after a Blacksmith’s cooling tubs kept outside his home prominently in front of the town.

The hilly corners will be entertaining. There’s an old-time feel upon arrival or departure from Belfountain and continuing along the road. The road was repaved in the late summer of 2009, and should be looking good for the 2010 season! Keep your eyes open for the the Cataract Inn which dates from 1855, one of few buildings of the era still standing. In 1899, John Deagle converted his grist mill into a power plant to light the streets of Cataract.


star_rating_fullstar_rating_fullstar_rating_fullstar_rating_full Entertainment
Beautiful road, surrounding forest, historical backdrop, the Credit River and small waterfalls, overall excellent. Just avoid it on weekends when O.P.P. is out and grandpa’s taking the kids for a drive.

star_rating_fullstar_rating_fullstar_rating_fullstar_rating_fullstar_rating_full Road Conditions
Excellent as the entire road was repaved in August 2009. Expected to be excellent and construction-free for all of 2010, unless there’s a mudslide or another idiot bus driver tries to make it around the hairpin again.

Watch riders on Forks of the Credit in this video. Have a look!

How To Get There

Make your own adventure (or take a tip or two from ours)!

  • From Toronto, we travelled West to Hurontario St.
  • Hurontario becomes Hwy 10
  • Travel north of Brampton on Hwy 10
  • If you wanted to do a detour to check out the Badlands, turn left at Old Baseline Rd, otherwise continue past Old Baseline and turn left/west on Forks Of The Credit Rd
  • Travel West on Forks Of The Credit Rd to the village of Belfountain

From Belfountain we recommend:

  • If oncoming traffic was light, why not turn around and do the Forks again in the other direction?
  • Stop for a bite or snack at the local shops (you’ll undoubtedly find other bikes already parked), but warning: these shops close early in the evenings by Toronto standards.
  • If you didn’t check out the Badlands on the way up, continue west to Main St. turn south/left, Main St becomes Old Main St which becomes Missausaga Rd. Take that to Old Baseline Rd. Turn left again until you come across the Badlands.
    Was this way too short of a ride?

  • Take the Forks (or any other route) back to Hwy 10
  • Travel North on Hwy 10 to Hockley Valley and ride east. You’ll find lots of tasty treats, great winding, hilly roads and foods and snacks along the way.

YouMotorcycle.com MapThese are the spots we’ve mapped out, some of our personal favorites for you to check out:

  • Three gas stations with washrooms (plenty more along Airport Rd. and Hurontario as well).
  • The Black Bull.
  • The Badlands.
  • Forks of the Credit Rd.
  • Hockley Rd.

Check out the complete list of roads and trips, and visit our home page for all the latest.

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