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Uno Electric Unicycle

Four Electric Unicycles You Can Buy

Few things say “I give up” quite like looking over your shoulder at what used to be your dignity as you drive off on a Segway. Sadly, these four electric unicycles add to that list.

The Uno
This electric unicycle  most resembles a motorcycle so we’ll start here. The Uno was designed by Ben Kulak, who was 19 years old when the Uno was first unveiled. It’s the result of being raised in Milton, Ontario, a desolate place with nothing fun to do.

Uno is the Italian for one and it stems from the latin word unus. The Uno seems to suffer from a bit of an identity crisis as it actually has two wheels side by side, which technically classify it as a dicycle and make Uno a misnomer. The Uno has been featured in Motorcycle Mojo and a zillion other publications, but we’re bias and Mojo is our favourite.

Fun fact: For those wondering about the origin of the word dicycle, it comes from latin word for something which has two wheels but is still lame. Sorry Ben!

The Rhyno
I challenge you to go to your closest gym, ask for a guy named Rhino, and slap him in the face. You wouldn’t do it, would you? Of course not. Because Rhino is synonymous with being tough as nails. Now, those HGH freaks finally have a ride of their own. Move over Hummer, fellas, say hello to the Ryno Unicycle!

With a top speed of 12.5 mph (20 km/hr), the Rhyno doesn’t actually have a whole lot of ferocious charge. It’s more an elder Rhyno, and it won’t actually be arriving to the market until 2014.

Fun fact: Much like your cell phone, the Ryno unicycle runs on a lithium ion battery, but we’re guessing that’s as close as it comes to getting you any phone numbers.

Electric Unicycle

iGo Electric Unicycle

We got this letter in our mailbox the other day:

“Dear YouMotorcycle, I’m an introvert who likes to watch a lot of sci-fi movies and generally prefer to shy away from the world. I have $2,700, what vehicle do you recommend I buy to dissuade people from talking to me?”

We get fan mail just like this from visitors all of the time, and now we finally have the answer! It’s the iGo Electric Unicycle. This thing even looks like it was made for people from outer space! Prepare to blast past the rest of the galaxy trash at a trailblazing 16 mph top speed (26 km/hr).

Fun fact: The handlebar is meant to help you maneuver. Moreover, the bar rising between your legs helps to reduce the odds of you planting in your face in the ground when falling forward, by allowing your nuts to break your fall instead. Fantastic!

Solowheel Unicycle

Solowheel took a different approach. This electric unicycle comes with no handlebar, no styling and no friends. Getting all of that for only $1,700 might just make Solowheel the cheapest way of getting everyone in the neighborhood to notice your new ride.

Solowheel’s website advertises “Potential Health Benefits.” This is thanks to exercise of standing still and leaning a little forward. Finding that perfect balance between being leaned forward enough for Solowheel to roll forward, and being leaned too forward and falling on your face will require core muscles. This thing is basically like Yoga, but even more awesome for your body.

Fun fact: The Solowheel comes with an easy and convenient carrying handle, perfect for anyone who wants to carry a 24 lbs (11 kg) electric unicycle around. Aren’t you glad they thought of that for you?

I have to say that as much as I point and giggle, electric unicycles are a great alternative method of transportation and may become a gateway drug into small motorcycling… or even a 600cc supersport or a Harley.

Ride safe, whatever it is you ride.

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  1. But you need a clown suit, makeup, and the ability to juggle to ride one of these things right…

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