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Fuseplusyou Bluetooth Speaker Review

Fuseplusyou Bluetooth Speaker Review

The only perk to getting older, besides lower motorcycle insurance premiums and an excuse for letting beer bellies grow, is that the technology just keeps on getting better. The era of carrying a boombox is over. The era of trying to have three people listen to music from two earbuds is over too. Introducing the bluetooth speaker.

In all honesty, I wasn’t quite sure how I would put the Fuseplusyou Bluetooth Speaker to use. Most often I used it as a speaker in my washroom while taking a shower, or in the kitchen while cooking. It replaced an old radio that took up way too much room.

The speaker was great for a condo as it provided adequate sound and takes up only about two inches square, but the sound quality is loud enough for big rooms or to fill an entire home’s floor with sound.

I also put the speaker to good use on my balcony and my patio. You can’t spend every sunny moment on two wheels. Bathing in the sun with a book is nice, but bathing in the sun with some friends, some tunes, and some cold drinks… That appeals a lot more to the motorcyclist in me.

Fuseplusyou Bluetooth Speaker in Scooter

Speaking of motorcycles, you may have asked yourselves by now, “Can I use this Bluetooth speaker on my motorcycle?” In theory, maybe. In fact we found it worked out perfectly on the KYMCO New Sento 110i we were reviewing. The New Sento has a front pocket in its scooter body, it’s also a scooter that doesn’t make a whole lot of noise.

The reality is that I’m not sure how well portable bluetooth speakers would work on any kind of motorcycle. That simply isn’t what it’s made for. Motorcyclists who will be camping or travelling for extended periods and want to bring some noise along will appreciate the speaker once parked though.

In the little (less than fist sized) speaker’s defense, it does pack quite a bit of noise, even outdoors. Indoors we didn’t want to stand too close to the wireless speaker on full blast and generally listen to the music a little bit short of max volume… unless we really feel like rocking or are in the other room.

Obviously there is Bluetooth connection. It’s quite good. It pairs with my iPhone 4S almost instantaneously and has no problem playing audio two rooms away. A nice surprise.

Battery life is also exceptional. According to Fuseplusyou  Using the Bluetooth speaker daily while cooking dinner and taking a shower it still took me about two weeks to kill the battery. By the time it was dead I had forgotten  where exactly I left the charger. The Fuseplusyou Bluetooth Speaker comes equipped with a mini-USB charging cable which plugs in to your computer.

Fuseplusyou Bluetooth Speaker YouMotorcycle Review

If you’d like to really save battery or simply don’t have any Bluetooth enabled devices, fear not! You don’t need a Bluetooth device to enjoy the speaker. It comes with a audio-in line as well, so that you can plus your mp3 player or laptop computer directly in to the wireless bluetooth speaker, with a wire, if you choose.

The sound quality is quite good as far as portable wireless bluetooth speakers are concerned. It’s obviously missing a subwoofer on those deep, dirty, rap beats, but all in all the sound range and depth is good. Not excellent, but noticeably above satisfactory.  Simply put the speaker exceeded expectations. I was a little put off when I saw the $49.99 price point, but having tested them I can verify that they’re well worth the price point if you’re looking for an excellent, easy to travel with Bluetooth speaker. We didn’t test the hands free calling function, but it’s nice to know that Fuseplusyou packed in the extra feature.

The Good:
Surprisingly loud
Surprisingly small
Sounds pretty good
Comes with audio line-in so you can play music without needing Bluetooth

The Bad:
Volume Adjustment buttons on the speaker don’t work with all units
Comes with USB charging cable but no wall plug

The Ugly:

Buy/Sell/Hold: A definite BUY. At $49.99 there are cheaper options, but those cheaper options can’t compete with this little beast. It’s not perfect but it exceeded expectations for that price point.

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