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Child Hit By Car

Get Off Your Phone And Drive!

For the love of !We generally don’t like police overenforcing the roads, but in this case OPP looking to crack down on distracted drivers may just be a blessing for motorcyclists and scooterists. In today’s adventure, my Harley Davidson and Ms. Chatty Cathy got into an argument.


Earlier in the month we reported that Ashley was in a motorcycle accident thanks to a distracted driver. OPP have announced they’ll be cracking down even harder on the no distracted drivers rule, targetting drivers using electronics such as cellphones, Blackberries, GPS devices, DVD players, etc. Fines seem to range from $110 to $2,000, or less than what many people make in a day, for putting riders lives at risk every day.

We could write an entire research paper on the need for punishments that stick, but anyone reading this probably already agrees (either way, leave a comment at the end of this post). Instead we’ll focus on a little story that happened on Wednesday:

The weather was too beautiful for me to be bothered by a red light. After a long Canadian winter it was warm, the sun was bright, birds were singing, and my Harley-Davidson Sportster‘s engine was potato-potato-ing away at idle. It was motorcycle bliss.

A woman, Chatty Cathy, pulled up in the lane next to me at the red. Within seconds she went out of her way to lean towards me and give me a look so dirty and mean few bikers could ever match. Before I could tell Chatty Cathy my wonderful moment had no time for her grumpy face, she rolled up her window and carried on a cell phone conversation. I was baffled. Get it? “Baffled! Har, har, har…

But seriously, Chatty Cathy, if you’re reading this because you’ve subscribed to our newsletter, liked our Facebook, or followed us on Twitter (and I know you have), I just want to apologize for my bike interrupting your negligence. I want you to know when she got home I made sure not to give her any treats as punishment.

Let me know who was in the wrong. Chatty Cathy or my Harley? Leave a comment!

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