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Girl Meets Bike

Girl Meets Bike is Now on Video on Demand

Girl Meets Bike is a movie made by and for motorcyclists.  Voted “Top 3 Motorcycle Films 1980-2014” by MOTO73 Magazine (Netherlands) and getting a great review from YouMotorcycle, we’re excited to see this scripted feature film available to rent or buy on VOD.

Girl Meets Bike is now available in Hi-Def on Vimeo on Demand, this VOD release adds subtitles in Italian and Japanese to the existing DVD’s subtitles in Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Polish and English.  VOD also includes BONUS EXTRAS of deleted scenes and an alternate title sequence.  Early this summer, the film will also be available on Amazon Prime Direct.

Girl Meets Bike is the story of Kat, a young high school shop teacher who buys her first motorcycle with her wedding dress money. Kat rides away from her controlling fiance and embarks on a stubborn quest for freedom that stirs jealousy, competition and long-buried emotions among her new circle of motorcycle friends.  Hers is the story of the novice who must learn to interpret constant offers of advice: are they subtle forms of control, or crucial knowledge, without which she might get herself killed?

Girl Meets Bike

Girl Meets Bike features the real people, places, and bikes from the Minneapolis motorcycle scene. Ruth Menard (Kat) rides director Eric Tretbar’s Moto Guzzi 1000s; Melissa Pizarro (Ty) rides a beautiful Triumph Tiger, courtesy of Kris Konig; Longtime flat-track racer Dave Engler (Becker) rides Kris Konig’s beautifully-made Norton Commando special; and Ralf Schirg (Martin) rides a Triumph special built by Cory Huseby.

Whether you’re a beginner or a lifelong rider, this story of motorcycle love shows how every ride is an adventure that asks us who we are and what we want.  For more on the making of the film, photos of the cast and bikes, and upcoming VOD news, visit us at girlmeetsbikemovie.com where DVDs are still available.  Cheers!

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