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Here’s Looking At You, Miss

Just got an email from the person with the most cojones that I know. Her name is Madeleine. She’s about to ride to Alaska because, well, because she can.

By now Madeleine MISSRIDER Velazquez should need no introduction. We did two interviews with Madeleine about her ride across the United States. Her Adventures of a Woman Motorcyclist, Summer 2012 submission about her solo ride to Panama won our Best Motorcycle Story contest three years ago. When we saw her on Jimmy Fallon we felt like that we saw one our teammates up there and cheered. Finally, she helped to inspire our Woman Motorcyclist of the Month series.

So where in the heck is Madeleine going now?

Well according to this email and Madeleine’s most recent blog post, she’s packing for her next big trip and is being sponsored by Vicki Gray MOTORESS with a Kymco scooter to participate in and has a big trip ahead of her begining with KYMCO Canada‘s Mad Bastard Scooter Rally. We ran the rally (well, most of it) a few years ago. It was exhausting.


Madeleine is going to find it a little tougher than I did, because she’s just like me, if I were 100x more hardcore. Don’t believe me? 

In 48 hours I will have ridden my motorcycle close to 1600 kilometers with only about 4 hours of rest.

Luckily she’s got some good company. Vicki will be her Rally Partner.

Vicki pushes and entertains me during the grueling hours, she knows how hard it is to ride that many hours in such a short amount of time.

My favorite part of the email:

There is a couple that is hosting me in Canada because they learned about me from your website.  The result is that I have a place to stay one night during my trek to Alaska and Inuvik Canada.

Madeleine MISSRIDER Velazquez is a part of YouMotorcycle’s DNA at this point. If there are any other riders (or non riders) out there that can host Madeleine on her trip from Boston to Alaska and back please get in touch with her. You can find her route, and more info about her and her trips (past and future) on MISSRIDER.com

Ride safe, Madeleine. We’re all on your team!

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