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How to be an Instagram Biker

How To Be an Instagram Biker in Four Easy Steps

For anyone who’s ever taken more than pictures in a single day’s ride. For anyone who’s ever checked to see how many likes their motorcycle picture got. For anyone who’s ever felt validated that their motorcycle makes them so freakin’ cool, man. For everyone who wants to be among the aforementioned…

This one’s for you.

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  1. Shadetree Surggeon is either a total bunch of crap or the biggest satire around. He promotes all the typical stereotypes ofmotor cyclists as loud, foul mouthed sociopaths who don’t care about anyone but themselves and have little regard for laws. There are many, many finer bikes than Harley’s, and whatever we chose to ride we are all motorcyclists. We don’t need lifestyle apparel, but we do need life saving equipment such as proper helmets and protective clothing. Only an idiot rides without these.
    My feelings were not hurt by this video so I have no need to take his suggestion as to what to do with them. I only wonder why I wasted my time. Watching this, and why a site supposed to be promoting the best about motor cycling would post garbage like this.
    I will now sit back and wait to be attacked about my opinions.

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