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Parked Motorcycle Syndrome
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How to Beat Parked Motorcycle Syndrome (PMS)

…and come out a better person.

Winter’s here. In many places it’s too cold to ride. Some of us are still toughing it out, at least as often as we can. Truth be told while there’s still plenty of riding to be had across North America (and yes, even up here in Canada), we’re clocking fewer and fewer kilometers each week. With that in mind, we should have a lot more time on our hands, shouldn’t we? So what should we do with this new found free time to better ourselves as both motorcyclists and as people? Lemme tell you…

1) Don’t neglect your motorcycle 

You tell yourself you’ll ride it tomorrow, no problem. In the winter, tomorrow and a month or two later are just one freak snowfall apart. That spells a lot of neglect. If you aren’t sure when you’ll ride next, make sure your motorcycle is cleaned, battery plugged in to battery tender, carburetors treated, and all ready for spring. That’ll help eliminate things you need to do come spring time!

2) Grow a pair 

We can’t all ride motorcycles across continents. For most of us, motorcycling as a form of travel gets us pretty far, but not that far. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the cold weather to hop a plane and experience a new culture. Try something different. Don’t just stay on your resort, get out there, explore. You don’t have to go 200 km/hr to live a little.

Me? I jumped in a plane to Jamaica with four friends and conquered my fear of heights.

YouMotorcycle Ziplining Jamaica

3) Read a God damn book 

Seriously. You’re already reading this blog, that’s a great start, now try something that’s more than one page long. Your mind is a gift, and there’s nothing more lame than a gift that doesn’t get used, so USE YOUR GIFT. If you’re looking for something to read that’s motorcycle related I recommend Freedom: Credos from the Road by one of the original Hells Angels, Sonny Barger and TT: Full Throttle by Nicole Winters.

4) Round is a shape but circles have no right angles! 

I’m not saying get jacked, run marathons, or even take grandma out for sparring lessons when it’s your turn to look after her. I’m saying a little fitness, whatever it’s form, is never a bad idea. Try it. You’ll get your serotonin levels amped up. You’ll feel happier and have more energy, which means you’ll drink less coffee, which means you’ll sleep better, which means you’ll be able to do more, which means you’ll exercise more. Do you see the cycle starting here? Don’t be a lazy punk. Do it.

5) 100% of people suffering from ignorance don’t know it 

So maybe it’s time we stop asking ourselves which slip on exhaust pipe is going to give us the best performance and sound and start tuning in to the news and seeing what’s going on in the world. There’s more to international affairs than who finished where in the latest Moto GP race overseas. The world has a lot to teach us. You can find plenty of university courses offered online for free.

6) Prove you aren’t an idiot 

Learn a new skill. There’s so much that you can do over the winter to help you prove that you aren’t an idiot of a motorcyclist. Learn how to do your own maintenance, meticulously plot and plan a summer motorcycle trip, order up the parts and accessories you foresee yourself needing next season in advance.

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  2. I think that I’m moving to Florida for the winter. I used to be a “normal” person before I started riding.

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