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How to Bring Your Motorcycle Inside the House

So I Brought My Motorcycle in the House

So there I was, looking outside towards my two car garage, hands pressed against the cold window, wondering, “Is my motorcycle thinking about me, too?” She was on the other side of the garage door. Cold, lonely, and neglected. I started to feel bad, as I deserved to feel. So I decided to make things right.

How to Bring Your Motorcycle Inside the House

First, give your motorcycle the winter storage treatment

  • Wash your motorcycle
  • Fill the gas tank
  • Pour in some fuel stabilizer
  • Run the engine to get the fuel stabilizer through the fuel system
  • If you have carburetors drain the float bowl

Note: I got a free copy of the Cyclepedia manual my KYMCO Venox 250. Cyclepedia is the exclusive content provider for KYMCO service manuals. I was looking for detailed instructions on how to drain my carburetor float bowls. The microfiche was helpful, but the there were no detailed instructions on carb draining per se. Given that it was cold out and I didn’t want to figure it out myself, I simply ran the stabilizer through the system and did not drain the float bowl.

Motorcycle Inside the House

Next, take your measurements

  • Handlebar width
  • Doorways
  • Motorcycle length
  • Corners

Have a plan for protecting your home

  • Protect the floors from leaks
  • Protect walls from tires and handlebars

Motorcycle Inside the Living Room

Additional info and tips

  • Bringing a vehicle inside your home may nullify your home insurance
  • I haven’t noticed any smell of gas or any motorcycle smell unless I’m standing immediately beside the motorcycle
  • I think the bike looks better without Christmas lights and will be removing them
  • It’s a great conversation piece, everyone absolutely loves it
  • Having a second person would’ve been a lot easier… but I’m stubborn so I brought it in solo
  • I’m not sure that my 800cc cruiser would fit, so I only brought my 250cc in for starters
  • I’ll try to bring the 800cc in when I have a friend to give me a hand

YouMotorcycle HQ Living RoomGranted this is going in reverse chronological order, but hey, whatever… here’s the Before shot.

Last but not least, you could say the whole idea was inspired by Fuzzygalore’s knobby tire Christmas Wreath that I’ve quietly envied since 2011. Fuzz, I call your tire wreath, and I raise you a second tire, and the rest of the bike, too!

Just kidding. Fuzz’s Christmas Wreath seems to be all the rage this season, with other riders sending in their own Christmas Wreaths pics.

About Adrian

Adrian is the YouMotorcycle Editor. He never planned on becoming a blogger, but liked the idea of sharing his passion and encouraging others to get out and ride. He believes that anyone thinking about buying a motorcycle should hurry up and buy one, and that everyone who already owns a motorcycles should ride more. He likes V-Twins, scooters, and breaking social norms. He occasionally wears a suit and high-top sneakers when he rides to work. Sometimes he takes out his tools and everything goes from bad to worse. Sometimes everything just falls into his lap. Whatever the case he stays grateful and always tries to learn. If you feel motorcycling is a lifestyle, follow him via social media.


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  2. It’s gotta be done! We bring the bikes inside all the time – more of a challenge as we have carpet but a painter’s tarpaulin sorts that out. The neighbours walk past with their dogs and can’t believe the handlebars sticking out above the dining table! Here’s what I mean…

  3. RT @YouMotorcycle: So I Brought My Motorcycle in the House
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