How to Buy Your First Motorcycle

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Motorcycle

This on-going series will cover all the steps of going from knowing nothing about motorcycles, to purchasing your first motorcycle or scooter. We’ll cover all the frequently asked beginner (noobie) questions.

Step 1 – Getting a Motorcycle Insurance Quote – Let’s see if we can afford this…

Step 2 – Get Your Motorcycle License – Do this BEFORE buying your motorcycle, click to find out why!

Step 3 – Practice the M1 Written Test Online – Practice taking the M1 test online from your own home.

Step 4 – All You Need to Know to Get Your M2 Intermediate Motorcycle License – Why you should take a motorcycle course, which one, and tips to save money!

Step 5 – Buying Your New or Used Motorcycle – The truth on buying new or used motorcycles, and how to get a good deal.

Step 6 – Buy a New Motorcycle Cheaper – Bargaining strategies at the dealership.

Step 7 – Buying Motorcycle and Scooter Gear: New Vs. Used – Another New or Used debate to keep you safe and saving money.