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Royal Enfield on a dirty road

How to Clean Your Motorbike and Biker Gear: Tips You Need To Know

Royal Enfield on a dirty roadIf you’re a motorcycle fanatic, your bike and biker gears hold a special place in your heart, The relationship is more than just cozy. Most individuals tend to spend immense time cleaning their bike and biker gear to ensure that they not only sparkle but you can also rock in the streets. Certainly, cleaning your motorbike can be very challenging especially if you’re not sure of what to do or what not to do. To ensure that you clean your bike and biker gear effectively, there are up to 10 handy tips vital for motorcycling cleanliness.

For effective motorcycling cleanliness, your kit-biker gear and bike are key components to consider. To ensure that you’re doing it properly, here are 10 secrets revealed vital in keeping your biker gear and motorcycle in unrivaled condition:

For Your Biker Gear

Biker gear incorporates an array of comp
onents including helmet, suits, gloves, jacket and boots. Some of the handy tips when it comes to biker gear include:

1. Fly away: There tends to be immense flies stuck to your helmet, visor and leather. Dip a kitchen towel in water and leave it to soak for ten minutes before using it to wipe off the stuck corpses easily.

2. Two in a bath: Alternatively, you can give your stinky and filthy helmet a bath. This is one of the easiest mechanisms to renovate a horrible lid. You just need to run a bath with lukewarm water such that it’s one foot deep, submerge the helmet and leave it for some time. After a couple of minutes, clean the chin bar and cheek pads, rinse them out and leave them to dry.

3. Bug splat: Sometimes you get a raspberry jammed by a big bug or a wasp which explodes all over your visor. If this happens, immediately turn your helmet to the side. This way, you will be able to blow the remains off your visor by wind-blasting it. This should be done promptly before the hymenoptera hardens into an impenetrable insect-goo.

4. Right scrubber: Simply treat your leather kits like your hands. You should wash such leather with saddle soap and afterwards treat them with an oil-based moisturizing cream. You should never hang them above your radiator to dry as they may crack or shrink.

Motorcycle Wash - Triumph Daytona

For Your Bike

There are a lot of things that you should never do to your bike if you want it to last longer. In cleaning your beloved bike, you can follow these guidelines:

1. Sticker fix: When removing unwanted stickers, don’t go for the solvent or reach for your girlfriend’s hairdryer; you should gently warm the sticker and it will come off hassle free leaving no sticky residue.

2. Clean gleam: You should spray your bike with a de-greasing agent, soak for five minutes and then wash with dedicated vehicle shampoo. You can finish by using a chamois leather to dry then apply a wax to both finish and protect the plastics.

3. Brillo brilliance: To remove marks created during transit, you can use scouring pads to gently rub off the mark and remove it.

4. Rust away: To ensure that your bike does not rust, avoid putting it away when wet. You need to dry it with some cloths. You should also apply a salt- neutralizing protective spray and allow it to dry in between coats.

5. Mirror shine: If you want your motorbike’s chrome parts to look like new, you can rub them with aluminum foil and you will be amazed with the effect that the foil has.

6. Scratch out: If your bike’s surface lacquer has been scratched, you can use a cutting polish for example T-Cut to recover the surface paintwork. However, if it’s any deeper, you will need to re-polish such a scratch.

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