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How to Shower at a Stranger’s

If you have to ask how taking a shower in a stranger’s washroom relates to motorcycling, I’d venture to guess that you’re doing this whole motorcycling thing wrong.

Yesterday I posted The Hamilton Babe & Lady Luck. It was the story of my failed attempt at surprising a friend for a ride.

As Lady Luck would have it, I ended up spending the afternoon with someone else, completely unplanned. Before I left I took a quick shower. Showering at someone else’s house can be a little tricky if you’ve never done it before.

For everyone looking to live life a little and ride further from home this season, here are some tips!

Always check the water before you jump in.
motorcycle sex This can apply to a lot of things in life. It’s one of the reasons OCD cases do it with the lights on, and lifeguards don’t dive in blindly. Make sure you take a look before you put your best foot in. Someone else’s hair is easier to rinse down the drain when it isn’t tied around your toe, and women shed more than BikerPup.

Bring your own products.
Had I done the check at Lady Luck’s, or brought my own products, I probably wouldn’t have this rash. Upon entering her shower, I looked high and low. What I didn’t find was soap. What I did find was four bottled products, none of which I had ever heard of, all making me smell girly.

Avoid anything requiring a “loofah”
To make matters worse, whatever I ended up using as a body wash required a “loofah”. A “loofah” is kind of like ten pairs of lace undies that have been in the dryer’s hot cycle since last Tuesday. Women use their “loofahs” to create a “lather” from their “gel soap”. Using a bar of soap as soap is too straightforward for Lady Luck. Apparently when you use the “loofah”, the women’s soap product only requires a small amount of product which thins out exponentially. Instead of the gobs I was using. Which left me with a nich rash.

Clean up after yourself.

If you’re a motorcyclist out touring and your pants aren’t dirty, you and I have very different understandings of what a motorcycle trip is meant to be. That said, just because your exterior reflects your disregard for and disinterest in society’s superficialiaty doesn’t mean you should come in and make a mess of someone else’s personal space. Have a little respect for your host, and clean up after yourself.

Give back.
Someone just let you into their personal space, and maybe even more. As far as I’m concerned, you don’t owe them anything, but it sure would be nice if you gave something back. Make dinner, buy the liquor, or just be a thoughtful lover before you ride off to the next town.

Here’s a Tip!
Wondering where to get sample-sized bathing products like shampoo, body wash, and even conditioner? There are lots of freebie samples to be had. Every month I have free products sent to me as part of a Proctor & Gamble marketing effort called brandSAMPLER. It even gets me mini-deodorants, toothpastes, dental floss, and other goodies that are perfectly sized for motorcycle travel.

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