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I Got the Cheapest Motorcycle Mirrors on Amazon & Here’s 3 Reasons I Actually Like Them

I Got the Cheapest Motorcycle Mirrors on Amazon & Here’s 3 Reasons I Actually Like Them

Issyauto’s motorcycle/powersports mirrors are some of the cheapest motorcycle mirrors you can find on Amazon, and they sent me a pair to try for free. Here are three reasons why I ended up loving these cheap mirrors.

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1) Price

The sticker price of only $18 makes these mirrors hard not to love. Will they vibrate at highway speeds? Yes. Will they cost 10x less than $180 mirrors that might not vibrate at highway speeds? Yes. Do they work great in city traffic speeds for 1/10th the price of race mirrors you probably don’t need? Yes.

To me that’s a win.

2) Adaptability

These mirrors use an 8mm thread, which means I already know for a fact that they could fit on at least 4 out of 5 of the bikes in my garage, maybe even all five. Not only that, but if I had some SUVs, they’d fit on those too.

To make it better, they also come with a pair of handlebar mounts, so that you can install them on any 7/8” handlebar, even if they otherwise wouldn’t fit.

3) Function

These mirrors are big without being hideous, and between the size of the mirror and a fair amount of adjustability, the mirrors offer great visibility of what’s happening behind you.

Final thoughts

It takes about two minutes to install the mirrors and then adjust them perfectly to where you need them. These aren’t high end mirrors, but in my case I was installing them on an electric bicycle, and they’re more than good enough. If you aren’t looking for a high-speed-oriented mirrors, these Issyauto mirrors for $18 are a good buy.

Check out Issyauto’s online web store here (use coupon code KMYTBA to get 12% off), or go directly to the mirrors on Amazon here.

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