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Self-rebuilding Kawasaki KX250

Kawasaki Dirt Bike Engine Rebuilds Itself

There’s really not much more to say, other than you need to watch this video.

The stop motion animation video was made by Mechanimations on YouTube and consists of a full rebuild of a 1993 KX250 two-stroke dirt bike. Through magic, and with assistance from an old Clymer’s manual, the KX250 engine is able to rebuild itself!

This isn’t the first stop motion video to be featured on YouMotorcycle. That would be Notte Sento, a short film made up over 4,500 still images. It tells the story of a young woman who must spend the night in Rome after her train home was cancelled. By chance she meets a young man on a Vespa who takes her through a ride of the eternal city:

But if all of that girl meets boy and they ride a Vespa together is too mushy for you, here are a couple other videos from Mechanimations, starting with a motorcycle fork rebuild:

And then finally, the entire Kawasaki KX250 tears itself down, because of course it does:

Of course, if you want to see a more traditional Kawasaki rebuild series, you should check out the work done on this Ninja 650 with less than 1,000 miles that I picked up for $1,000 USD.

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  1. i cannot even begin to imagine how much time this took…..such a cool video…..appreciate your hard work

  2. Wow really nice video to watch. Keep up the good work. :)

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