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Kids and ATVs

ATVs can be fun for the entire family. The best way to ensure that the good times keep rolling, though, is to always make ATV safety and maintenance a top priority. This is most especially important when you are allowing kids to ride on ATVs or use ATVs. Keep reading to learn more.

Kids and ATV Safety

Although kids can enjoy riding and even driving ATVs, there must be some very strict rules concerning safety. If you own the ATV you should keep in mind that you are the one responsible for the safety of anyone whom you allow to ride or drive the vehicle. This is a big responsibility that should not be taken lightly.

As the owner, it is up to you to establish the ATV rules for your vehicle. Some basic rules might include:

  • Helmets- Helmets are a simple, yet crucial way to keep riders safe and to cut down on the chances of severe head injuries.
  • Supervision- Anyone under 16 needs adult supervision when driving or riding on ATVs
  • Location boundaries- It is also very important that boundaries be established of where the ATV can be driven. This will ensure that the ATV is not taken into unsafe terrain

The best way to keep kids safe while using an ATV is to educate them ahead of time. Make sure all kids and teens understand your rules for operating and caring for ATV. Enforce these rules by taking away driving or riding privileges.

Kids and ATV Care

Another crucial aspect of allowing kids to use ATVs is helping them to understand the importance of properly caring for the vehicle. An ATV is like any other vehicle and will need care and maintenance if it is to last and keep providing fun for everyone.

Cleaning the ATV after it has gotten especially dirty or muddy will be an important care task in which kids can participate in. Make sure kids help clean the ATV so that they can better appreciate the value of the vehicle.

Kids should not be allowed to abuse the vehicle or to use it in ways not intended. Kids should be discouraged from climbing on parked ATVs or playing on them in any way. This can be both dangerous for the child as well as bad for the upkeep of the vehicle.

The best way to keep kids off of parked ATVs is to keep the vehicles under ATV covers. Keeping your vehicle under a cover will also help to keep it in better shape over time.

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