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KYMCO 2013 Models

KYMCO 2013 Model Lineup

KYMCO 2013 ModelsKYMCO Canada has launched their 2013 scooter line up. The world’s largest scooter company will continue to carry all ten scooters from the 2012 KYMCO scooter selection, plus a few new surprises.

Returning stars include the redesigned KYMCO Xciting 500Ri ABS, the media-favourite Downtown 300i, and a slew of 50cc scooters in two-stroke and four-stroke design, EFI included. Prices start at $1,995.

KYMCO’s new models for 2013 bump the company up to thirteen on road vehicles and nine off road vehicles. It’s a bold move that shows KYMCO’s commitment to Canadian motorcyclists, scooters, and off roaders despite a lingering economic recession that has been hurting powersport sales from coast to coast.

What’s new with KYMCO for 2013?
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KYMCO Like 50 2T 200i


KYMCO Canada has brought in the Like model which KYMCO USA has been carrying for some time already. The Like comes as both a 50cc two-stroke scooter, or if you’d like to go big, you can pick up the Like 200i for a clean, efficient, electronic fuel-injection scooter. The Like 50 2T combines retro styling with a larger sized frame than what you’d expect from other small scooters of its look. Last year when I looked at what was new for KYMCO in 2012 I was happy to announce the New Sento 50i and 110i. Similar to the New Sento, the Like boasts a funky scooter look, and while the New Sento 110i overachieves in performance, some might be a larger ride. For those riders the KYMCO Like 200i would be worth a look.

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KYMCO Movie 150

KYMCO Movie 150

KYMCO’s Movie 150 goes by the name Racing 150 abroad. It’s easy to see this has been marketed as a high performance scooter abroad. A quick search in your favourite search engine (millionshort is a great alternative to Google), should yield plenty of image results of women in bikinis spread all over this scooter. I don’t get it, but something was obviously lost in translation, but I find myself with a sudden urge for Taiwanese food…

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KYMCO Xciting 500Ri ABS

KYMCO Xciting 500Ri ABS

It isn’t new but it sure isn’t the same old same, either. The Xciting 500Ri ABS is coming back with braided brake lines, a respectable amount of under-seat storage, adjustable seat and suspension, adjustable levers, 12V charger, ABS, fuel-injection, highway performance, and everything else you’ve come to expect from KYMCO’s flagship scooter… and a long-anticipated makeover.

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Returning Heroes / Retired Scooters

KYMCO’s entire 2012 roster is coming back for another ride. Nothing has been added to the “End of Series” (EOS) list.

I’m glad to see the return of the Downtown 300i as well as the New Sento 110i. Though completely different from one another, both scooters posess the same “WOW-factor” for performance for a vehicle of their respective sizes, as well as for looks. Rumour has it Kanishka Sonnadara is writing a review for YouMotorcycle on one of them…. That’s just a rumour that I heard… I’m not saying… I’m just saying…

Whatever you ride, have fun on two wheels guys, girls, and everyone in between.

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