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KYMCO 2013 Models

KYMCO Like 50 2T & KYMCO Like 200i

KYMCO Canada has brought in the Like model which KYMCO USA has been carrying for some time already. The Like comes as both a 50cc two-stroke scooter, or if you’d like to go big, you can pick up the Like 200i for a clean, efficient, electronic fuel-injection scooter. The Like 50 2T combines retro styling with a larger sized frame than what you’d expect from other small scooters of its look. Last year when I looked at what was new for KYMCO in 2012 I was happy to announce the New Sento 50i and 110i. Similar to the New Sento, the Like boasts a funky scooter look, and while the New Sento 110i overachieves in performance, some might be a larger ride. For those riders the KYMCO Like 200i would be worth a look.

At $2,495 for the Like 50 2T and $3,295 for the Like 200i, the units are aggressively priced. KYMCO USA having carried the Like models for years means Canadian scooter riders can look south of the borders for reviews on these vehicles before they land. You can be sure my friend Dan at MotorScooterGuide will have something to say. It’s important to note that the Like doesn’t have a whole lot of under-seat storage space, for that reason it comes from factory with a paint-matching topcase included in the price. A good looking price tag on a good looking bike just got even more attractive.

The Good: Retro look, front and rear disk brakes on the 200i, dual shock suspension, in front of rider storage compartment plus under-seat storage plus free topcase.

The Bad: 7 litre fuel capacity on the two hundred.

The Ugly: With the KYMCO New Sento 110i being a real flyer and a media-pleaser priced at $2,995, KYMCO’s biggest competition for the Like 50 2T is itself.

Buy, Sell, or Hold? This is a new offering. YouMotorcycle says hold on the 50 2T. If you’re looking for a chique scoot, buy on the 200i, if you want performance in a small package than hold and see what’s next.

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  1. I have to say it’s worth the price. I like the innovations on a scooter.

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