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Latest Figures Show UK Motorcycle Casualties Down by 4%

A recent report by the government has revealed that casualties involving a motorcycle had fallen by 4%. With more and more people beginning to return to the roads after lockdown measures that were put in place at the start of the year, it’s welcome news that casualties begun to decline.

The latest figures also revealed that those who were killed or seriously injured were also down by 6%. Although both statistics are a reduction year on year, charity IAM RoadSmart is calling on the government to get tougher with road safety after they said there has been “no real improvement” with UK road deaths.

What do the figures from 2019 show?

It has been reported that there were 1,748 overall reported road deaths, with 335 of those being motorcyclist fatalities. These particular road users are among the most vulnerable on the road, with their casualty rate per billion passenger miles much higher than any other category.

Their fatality rate per billion passenger miles is also substantially higher than any other road user type, with pedestrians and pedal cyclists coming second and third, respectively.

Motorcyclists are still at risk

According to the report, motorcyclist fatalities have fluctuated between 319 and 365 over 2011 and 2019 with no clear trend. Although the motorcyclist traffic has remained stable in the last ten years per billion vehicle miles, it seems to not be getting safer on the roads for riders as per the data.

Are there still accident claims being made?

Despite the slight dip in casualties and killed or seriously injured cases, many accident claims are still being made after road accidents. We know that bikers are 63 times more likely to be seriously injured or killed in an accident than car drivers, thanks to research undertaken by Brake.

Specialist claims handler National Accident Helpline, says that not a lot has changed when it comes to the safety of motorbike users. “Protection still typically consists of a helmet, gloves, boots, hi-vi vest, oversuit or leathers and running lights”. They know how devastating accidents and fatalities can be, which is why they are on hand to help road users get the compensation they deserve.

Can anything be done to protect motorcyclists?

Although the government needs to take steps to improve the overall safety of our roads, there are a number of things that motorcyclists can do themselves, to improve their own safety.

Ensuring you wear the right protective gear on every ride, keeping your speed reasonable and within the limits on each road and keeping your bike regularly maintained, are among some of the things you can do to improve your safety while riding.

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