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Choppers - Liberty Sport

Liberty Sport Eyeware Review 2 – Chopper and Panton

Chopper (#205) – Second, and only seconds behind first

If you were picking a pair of glasses based solely on their looks these would be the ones to have. Their silver and black frame accenting that appears again on the arms is visually pleasing; while it’s rubberized nose section makes them comfortable too. The pair that arrived at my doorstep was matte black with shiny silver accenting but they are also available matte black with shiny black trim, satin black with shiny chrome trim or shiny silver with shiny grey accents.

Like both other glasses I sampled they come in a semi-ridged case and include an adjustable neck cord, cleaning cloth and carrying pouch for its MagTraxion magnetic eye cup accouterments. The lenses pass all Global Driving Standards, which I didn’t know existed until now but is impressive nonetheless.

My only dislike with this pair was that with the glasses on snug to my face I could still see a sliver of natural light at the bottom of the lenses which I quickly got used to, but provided additional wind flow while riding which dried my eye after an hour in the saddle. Whereas the Trailblazer 1s were flawless while riding this par was not – although still so much better than traditional glasses.

The magnetic eye cups on the Chopper are even easier to attached/detach, and the side that touches your skin is subtly textured for improved grip. Forward thinking like always the fine folks at Liberty Sport were wise enough to even brand an L on the left-side eye cup and an R on the other. Its extremely small details such as these that really impressed me, and were the factors that made their glasses standout from any I had used in the past. Liberty Sport isn’t trying to produce the flashiest glasses on the market, but for prices far below designer brands they are also so much more functional.

If you ride with a shorty helmet and want to have glasses that have as much style and character as your bike than the Chopper is for you. Of the three they were the most visually appealing, and retailing for $169.95 the value is obvious. Find all the specifics on Chopper here.

Panton - Liberty Sport

Panton (#203) – Least likely to purchase

Still on the podium, but technically last place, was the Panton pair.  Like its amigos it has Rx-able lenses and a very comfortable rubber nose section with made them far more comfortable than either pair of Oakley’s I’ve owned in the part and more comfortable again than my current pair of Dragon sunglasses.

Equipped with flexible arms they two were easy to put on once my full-face helmet was on, but I found the curvature of the arms added more temple pressure than either of the other models. The ends of the arms are covered in more rubber than the other two pairs that make for a very nice fit once in place, but cause some sideburn-pulling when slipping them on/off. More like the Trailblazer 1, the Panton provided a flawless fit to my head and contoured my eyes exactly as I would have liked.

It too had MagTraxion eye cups that greatly reduced dust and road particulate from ever coming in contact with my eyes, but my final dislike with this pair was that the removable eye cup magnets weren’t as strong as on the other two pairs and twice while removing the glasses my thumb accidently knocked the eye cup off its frame. This never happened while riding though so I doubt it would really pose any long-term user issues.

Liberty Sport sent me a Panton in sinister shiny black but shiny gunmetal, shiny white and translucent olive are also options for the frame colour. Get the fast facts about these glasses on the model’s section of the website here.

In Conclusion

My girlfriend caught me smiling at myself in the mirror like a fool one afternoon as I was undergoing the rigorous process of product testing. Interestingly enough she preferred the glasses on me in the exact opposite order as that which I ranked them in, but she agreed that the MagTraxion system on each pair was ‘pretty cleaver’ as it transformed each pair from something practical to a more stylish look depending on your needs.

Based on the high-end fit, finish and feel of all three pairs I assume that the frames themselves would outlast the removable eye cups and that, with time, the owners busy life would eventually result in the misplacement of a cup. Factoring in this likelihood I rode many miles wearing each pair with my visor lid open and the eye cups removed and I am happy to report that all are still great glasses. I personally would recommend them in the order in which they are ranked here in this article, but take the time to investigate each model further (and checkout all their other products available) on the Liberty Sport website.

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