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Pic by Toronto Photographer and Motorcyclist Mondo Lulu

M1 Licensing Questions for Scooters

Every now and again I get questions from readers and I try to help them out. Last week I got this email from Stephanie in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, YouMotorcycle’s home base.

Stephanie wrote:


I’m not sure if you respond to general questions but I thought I’d ask. I’m about to get a Vespa that can go up to about 120 km/hr. I was wondering if all I would need is my M1 or if I would need more of a full motorcycle license. I will only be driving on city streets in Toronto, ON so I will not be exceeding a speed limit of about 50 km/hr. Also how long is an M1 active? Thanks for your time.




Image courtesy of Toronto photographer and motorcyclist Mondo Lulu.

Being both a motorcyclist and a gentleman (*snort*), I answered.

Hi Steph,

Your M1 lasts a minimum of 30 days (after that time you can upgrade it to an M2 via an M1 exit course), to a maximum of 90 days (after which you must either upgrade it or re-write the M1 exit test).

You can find info on your M1 here.

You can write the M1 test for practice here.

You can find out about getting your M2 / learn about the M1 exit test here.

The Ministry of Transportation doesn’t care what kind of motorcycle or scooter you ride. You can ride a scooter or a Suzuki Hayabusa with your M1, but there are certain restrictions (no 400-series highway riding, no alcohol, no riding past half an hour after sunset and no riding before half an hour prior to sunrise).

I hope this helps.

Adrian S.

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  1. Hi Adrian S. I’m puzzled by the statement that an M1 licence lasts a minimum of 30 days. I thought an M1 licence was valid for 90 days. Can you clarify this for me? Thanks.

    • Hi Bob,

      To clarify:

      “A minimum of 30 days” = Your M1 does not last less than 30 days, this is the absolute minimum before you are able to upgrade to an M2 class license in Ontario.
      “A maximum of 90 days” = Your M1 does not last more than 30 days, this is the absolute maximum before you must upgrade your license or rewrite the M1 test once more. If you fail to do either your license is expired.

      You have somewhere between the minimum 30 days and the maximum 90 days to upgrade to your M2. There’s a whole bunch of M2 motorcycle license information on this page that’ll help you when you’re ready for the step up! https://www.youmotorcycle.com/get-your-m2-intermediate-motorcycle-license.html

      Ride safe!


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