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Mogix External Battery Charger

Mogix External Battery Charger Review

Mogix dared us to test out their new external batteries for six months, and then tell the world how we felt. Believing that motorcyclists should always have a charged phone on them at all times, if only in case of emergency, we accepted. But is the Mogix external battery charger a worthy option for motorcyclists? Adrian and Patrick find out.

Mogix External Battery – 1st Review – Adrian

I’m Adrian, and I’ll be the main author of this review. I work in marketing in the auto industry and moonlight as YouMotorcycle’s founder. I ride a 2011 Suzuki Boulevard M50 and other motorcycles that I review for this site. I take my cell phone and Surface Pro 3 on the road with me daily, and bring a camera with me too on occasion. After several months with the Mogix, here are my thoughts:

There are a hundred worse ways for a motorcyclist to spend $22 than on an external battery. I think all riders can immediately appreciate the value and importance of an external battery charger on long days or long rides. A good ride will take you far from home, sometimes for days at a time. Our vehicles don’t have the same luxuries as their four-wheel counterparts, and our cell phone batteries don’t last.


To make matters worse, a cell phone isn’t just a cell phone to a motorcyclist, is it? To riders, a cell phone is a life line. It’s our GPS, it’s our 911 call, it’s our connection back to our friends, or to our shop when we’re stranded on the side of the road. A motorcyclist’s cell phone is the link back to the pretty girl (or boy) waiting to hear that we’re okay, while we’re out risking our necks to catch some wind in our hair.

In writing this review, I don’t want to address the need for a reliable external battery for motorcyclists. I want to explore the the four key categories which make an external battery excellent, and let you know how the Mogix external battery performs. These four key categories are:

  • Input/output
  • Portability
  • Durability
  • Extras


The Mogix can be charged via a USB cord to its 2 amp input port. Only a USB cord is included with the battery however, no wall adapter, though it does work with typical iPhone and Android wall adapters. Output options come in both 2.1 amp and 2.5 amp options, meaning you can charge at a fast, or faster speed, or charge two devices simultaneously.


The Mogix scores major points for portability. Is it bigger than other external batteries? Absolutely. But it will recharge your phone up to 5x, rather than just once or twice. If you’re looking for something that will get you through a long weekend of extensive use, this is it. It easily fits in your back right pocket, even in short shorts.

Mogix backpocket


Remarkably, I haven’t actually dropped my Mogix yet, however the build seems solid and the frame does not flex or buckle under pressure. The battery has held a full charge, even locked away in my car in temperatures below freezing in Toronto in my Jeep. Impressive given what the cold does to most batteries.


The four-LED indicator shows you how fully charged your Mogix is, giving you a heads up of how much juice the system has before you count it. So far this indicator has proven itself accurate and consistent. I find it most helpful when the system starts to deplete, as an early-warning that I’ll need to charge the Mogix. Usually by that point there is still more than enough juice to get me through the day should I need it, and I can charge the Mogix external battery overnight.

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