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Motorbike Delivery - How it Really Works UK

Motorbike Delivery: How it Really Works (UK)

Getting a reliable partner to move your motorbike from one location to the other can be stressful. Especially if the motorcycle is of high value or it is not in its proper form. So, if you are thinking of a dependable partner who listens and cares, then look no more.

Shift online store has Workington man with a van service that can easily move your bike across several selected locations. They are professionals that undertake their duties with precision and always make sure they leave a smile on the clients face.

As a testament to their exceptional client service, here are some customer reviews:

  • the driver arrived on time, and their customer service desk is very responsive’- Sabrina in Exeter.
  • They have the cheapest rates and the greatest service delivery. I could not be happier’.- Preet in Plymouth

Those are some of the positive reviews from happy clients that have used Shift’s Man with Van service.

What is special about Shift’s Motorbike Delivery Service in Workington?

Shift has been in the game for quite a long time now. They have been moving clients’ items for a while, and they know the ins and outs of the delivery service market. That is why many clients’ keep coming back for rebooking, and they also bring back their friends.

The first reason why clients’ prefer shift’s man with a van service to deliver their motorbikes is their attractive rates. In comparison to other delivery service providers, Shift is by far the cheapest. However, this does not mean that they compromise on the quality they provide. The quality is exceptional and well superior over others.

Another reason to choose shift is that they deliver almost everything. Not only will they deliver your motorbike, but they will also deliver quite a load of other items. Right from the sofa to kitchenware, they have got the tools for the trade.

How do I book a Shift?

Booking at Shift has never been this easy. They made their website to suit clients from across the board. You will have to look up Shift on the internet. You will then proceed on to selecting the site so you can have better access.

At the top of the screen is the booking process tab. Here, you will be required to input the pick-up and delivery stations. The piece of information you provide must be as accurate as possible to avoid any misunderstandings in the last minute.

You must then proceed to indicate all the items you want shifted. Doing so helps them to determine which type of van is best suited for you. They will try and get the van that all your items will fit in well.

They also provide the alternative of requesting a team of assistants to help the driver. If you have a complex task that may require more labour, then this section is best tailored for you, especially if you are moving heavy items or goods of high value.

Lastly, you can set the time slot. Here, you can set an appropriate time you will be available for the shift. It will enable you to be present when the items are being moved, and you can supervise the process yourself.

Why choose Shift?

The Workington area is flooded with reliable Shifters who are always available to help you move. Their vehicles are properly serviced, and they are also well insured.

The vans are also well fitted with ties, straps and additional protective covers that ensure everything is properly secured while on transit. If you are worried your items might be damaged, then this is one reason to be less worried.

Lastly, the technology integrated on their platform enables the client to get the right driver at their precise location. You will not have to struggle with maps to get to a specific pick-up station because Shift will come to you.

Shift is all about client convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions by Clients in Workington

Is one allowed to travel with the items?

The simple answer is yes. You are allowed to travel with your items. However, there is one tiny piece of detail that needs to be put across. You must communicate to confirm you want to join the man with a van along the trip. The notice will give them ample time to pick the right van that will fit the items plus you.

Will the goods be well tied up?

As mentioned earlier, the vans at shift are well fitted with straps, ties and other protective covers. They also have blankets to tie up items real nice and trolleys to move bulky items easily. You can rest easy with Shift.

Does Shift cover the whole of the U.K?

Shift does cover the entire of the U.K. They pride themselves in transporting goods across many areas of your choosing.

Can you cancel a booking?

Of course, you can. You can cancel your man with a van order via the website at whatever time. However, you may have to part with a small cancellation charge.


If you are living in or around Workington, then picking Shift to move your items will be a good decision. Apart from saving you money, you also get quality services that you will be satisfied with.

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