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Motorcycle Culture & Celebrity Builders

Motorcycle Photography Exhibit by Bryan Helm

Motorcycle Culture & Celebrity BuildersLet’s be honest with ourselves and just admit that when it comes to art most of us are clueless. I can admit to that.

I walked into Studio Cycle Group and a stack of flyers for a motorcycle photography exhibit called Motorcycle Culture & Celebrity Builders caught my eye. The black and white images on the flyer lived up to the title. Indian Larry and the Americana bike culture were well represented.


Truth be told I had no idea what to expect. Much like the complete putz when it comes to art that I am, I rode in when the gallery was already closed. Luckily, Data Armada which is hosting the exhibit at 258 Wallace Ave., Toronto, was working late and willing to let a rider in. Thanks again!

Neck TattooI stumbled in to find a white decor with two walls lined of “biker-wow”.

Close up stills of the legendary custom motorcycle builder Indian Larry stood watch over the room eerily. Full sleeve tattoos and fists up at ready, Larry will forever be an icon in the custom motorcycle world.

Larry’s famous neck tattoo was prominently visible, though blurry. Read it on the right.

Custom Motorcycle Engine

Philosophy and motorcycles sometimes go hand in hand. The exhibit featured some beautiful custom well versed in thought and opinion. I missed the opportunity to speak to Bryan Helm, the photographer, now in New York and no doubt taking more kick ass shots of la vita urban.

Prices ranged from $450 for a 16″x20″ framed shot the Ice Cream Man from Hell (a.k.a. Sturgis), to $1,500 for a 30″x40″ burn out shot from Sturgis.

As someone who is artistiscally-challenged, that was a jaw-dropper. The real showstopper was a shot titled Keino, perhaps the best illustration of the lifestyle in action in the entire exhibit. In person the shot was even more impressive, the light behind the rider is hard to spot on the computer, but in person you can see an almost Jesus Christ aura surrounding the rider.

Amazing Custom Motorcycle Shot

For more great photography see Bryan Helm’s website, and for more motorcycle related stories, check out the YouMotorcycle.com home page!

Seen Bryan’s work? Have some motorcycle art tips for us? Leave a comment below!

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  1. more art for you guys! we have an exhibit opening this Thursday in Hollywood at Project Gallery. INDIAN LARRY BY TIMOTHY WHITE. will be incredible! visist http://www.projectla.net for details.

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