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Motorcycle Pizza Cutter

Motorcycle Pizza Cutter

For the motorcyclist who already has it all…

It can be hard to know what to get the motorcycle lover in your life. He or she probably already has everything, and what is missing can be pretty expensive or very particular to the individual or his or her motorcycle. You’re out to find the one thing they don’t have, but you never know whether or not you’re really buying the right thing – until now. This motorcycle pizza cutter is fun gift for the motorcycle fan in your life, because let’s be real, who’s ever seen one of these in person?

The stainless steel front wheel, or, the bike’s front wheel, slices through pizza, taking it from one large slab of bread, meat, and cheese to something that can be shared with your riding friends. If you’re stuck at home, you can use it to share pizza with your family, while you think about all of your riding friends out having fun without you, you poor bastard. The classic black and red color scheme of the cutter will look as good in a kitchen as any plastic motorcycle can. It’s a fun addition for those who don’t take their kitchen gadgets too seriously.

This guy on this YouTube video is seriously excited about it, yelling: “Relive your days of youth, as well as your days of midlife crisis!” – Check it out:

There are three things we don’t like about it though:

Unfortunately, the motorcycle pizza cutter doesn’t blow wind through your hair. You’ll have to ask someone to do this for you as you slice the pizza. If you live alone you can buy a fan for the same effect. NO PROBLEM!

The motorcycle pizza culture also fell short at delivering a real motorcycle sound. It doesn’t sound like a big bore v-twin with straight pipes, or a high revving supersport with a shorty exhaust. You’re gonna have make the exhaust sound yourself. Just go for it. No judgement. NO PROBLEM!

Lastly, showing up outside a bar just before last call on your freshly washed motorcycle isn’t a bad idea. You might even find someone to take home. Motorcycle pizza cutter? Not so much. PROBLEM!

At eight inches long, the pizza cutter is designed to be ergonomic. Helping you to cut that perfect slice of pizza. We’re told it’s easy to clean, easy to store, and designed to stick with you for the long haul, just like your own motorcycle (unless you bought a Harley – kidding)! It’s a fun gift to impress your riding buddies and make it clear that your accessories are just like you: fun!

Originally submitted by Matthew:

Motorcycle Pizza Cutter

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