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Jacob Laukaitis

Motorcycle Ride to Bangalore and Ooty, India

Imagine spending nine to ten months of the year travelling, because you can work from anywhere, as long as you have wi-fi and a computer. That dream is Jacob Laukaitis’s reality.

His digital nomad lifestyle has taken him to over thirty countries in the past two years. Last summer he rode 8,000 km across fifteen countries in Europe. In December we shared his exploration of Bali on a motorcycle he rented. It took him to a majestic hotel left completely abandoned for nearly a decade, for reasons unknown.

Riding in Bangalore

This weekend I motorbiked 900km across 3 states in #India all the way to Ooty – a remarkably beautiful hill station 2,240m above sea level.

On another adventure, a few months ago, Jacob took an 850 km motorcycle trip across three states in India. The kicker: It was with a complete stranger who he met via Facebook while touring the Balkans.

“We met when he commented one of my pics from the balkan motorbike trip on Facebook. Then we kept in touch and decided to do a motorbike trip once I arrived in India.” said Laukaitis.

The Queen of Hill Stations

This is just one of the breath-taking view points I managed to visit during those few days. No wonder the locals call this place “The Queen of Hill Stations”!

“There were tons of awesome places along the way. We even saw a giant elephant casually crossing the street. I packed hardly anything since it was only a 4 day trip. I’ve done a few day or a few day trips with other people in Asia – it happens all the time when you live in hostels and meet other travelers!”

The duo went to Ooty, one of the most beautiful hill stations in South India.

Check out the video:

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  2. Dude this is amazing!! And your video is also very awesome. I am planning to head to India for 2 months and rent a motorbike to explore. Your post makes me even more excited

  3. RT @YouMotorcycle: Motorcycle Ride to Bangalore and Ooty, India https://t.co/LUtVjEUGWL https://t.co/kmEyniJTqO

  4. Motorcycle Ride to Bangalore and Ooty, India https://t.co/TbiRbq4cWD via @YouMotorcycle

  5. RT @JacobLaukaitis: Motorcycle Ride to Bangalore and Ooty, India https://t.co/TbiRbq4cWD via @YouMotorcycle

  6. Hey Jacob, that looks fun and you must have really enjoyed there.

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