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motorcyclist life saved by watch

Motorcyclist’s Life Saved by Apple Watch

A motorcyclist who was the victim of a hit and run had his life saved by a do-gooder with a quick-thinking, can-do attitude. This wasn’t any ordinary good semaritan coming to his rescue though, it was his Apple Watch, which began autonomously taking action to help the motorcyclist out.

watch this video

Watch this video!

The motorcyclist is 24 year old Muhammad Fitri. He was involved in an accident with a van, and the collision triggered his Apple Watch’s fall detection alert. The fall detection prompts the user to confirm whether or not they’re alright, and if there is no confirmation from the user, it enters a sort of SOS mode.

From that point, Fitri’s Apple Watch took control of the scene. First, it contacted emergency medical services, providing them with a location and letting them know a fall was detected. Next, the watch contacted his girlfriend, as she stored as an emergency contact number in his phone.

Sometimes fancy gadgets really do pay for themselves, but many people stay mindful of their privacy. Would you want a watch that could call emergency medical services on your behalf, and notify your emergency compacts of your whereabouts?

Do we trust the technology enough that we won’t live in fear of it falling off a night table while we sleep, and waking up to paramedics banging on the door in the middle of the night?

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