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The Neander, The Vintagent, and Voe

The Neander, The Vintagent, and Voe

Voe did a short video in Lake Constance, Germany, about the world’s number one vintage motorcycle expert, The Vintagent. The clip discusses, specifically, The Neander, an incredible machine from the late 1920s.

But why just watch a video clip, when you could talk to the people behind it?

YouMotorcycle: Hey Vintagent, how did you get into riding motorcycles?

The Vintagent: I’ve been riding since 15; I needed transportation to night classes at a local college so I could graduate a year early from high school

YouMotorcycle: And vintage bikes in particular?

The Vintagent: After University, I joined an anarchist collective, and a friend (Jim Gilman) set up a Multilith printing press in my mother’s basement, so we could stir dissent and publish poetry books by Peter Plate. Jim rode a 1956 BMW R50, which I loved. He gave me a box of Classic Bike magazines, and I was lost forever.

The Vintagent

YouMotorcycle: What are some of the bikes you’ve owned over the years?

The Vintagent: I’ve owned over 200 motorcycles, from Ariel and Brough Superior to Zundapp, and everything between. In the 1990s I concentrated on exotic racing bikes from the 1920s – 50s, mostly British, and was president of the Velocette Club for 8 years. I traveled the world looking for interesting machines, and collected thousands of books to research them. That was my University of Motorcycling – reading books and meeting people who knew their subject.

YouMotorcycle: What were some of your favorites?

The Vintagent: I’m a passionate lover of Velocettes – it was a small family firm with very high engineering standards, that made a huge impact on racing and the industry. Norton copied their motor to make the Manx, and Taglioni copied them to make Ducati bevel-drive singles and v-twins. I also love Brough Superiors, have owned 5, and rode a 1933 B-S 11.50 across the USA with my girlfriend in 2014, on the Motorcycle Cannonball. I have a ’65 Triumph Bonneville for kicking around the hills of San Francisco.

YouMotorcycle: How did this video come to be?

The Vintagent: I have a friend in southern Germany with the most interesting collection! He allows a few journalists to test ride them; I typically take still photos during these rides. He lives in an incredible place, with incredible machinery, and it seemed natural to shoot a film, especially as I needed to revamp my 10 year old website, The Vintagent, for motion content. I’d started the Motorcycle Film Festival with friends in NYC 4 years prior, and wanted to integrate all that beautiful content into my website. I thought, ‘I’d better make my own films!’ and called my book publisher (Gestalten) to find a filmmaker. Max Funk my photo editor recommended True Motion Pictures, and it happened!

YouMotorcycle: How is the site, anyway?

The Vintagent: It took another year to re-launch my website, but it’s live now; theVintagent.com

YouMotorcycle: Why the Neander, in particular?

The Vintagent: Ernst Neumann Neander was an eccentric genius making futuristic cars and motorbikes in the Twenties; the Neander looks like nothing else with its sleek silver egg tank and blue bucket seat! And with that big British JAP v-twin racing motor, it goes like a rocket! As you can see in the film – the old girl lifts her skirts and flies.

YouMotorcycle: Where can readers find out more about you?

The Vintagent: My website: http://thevintagent.com/
An interview: http://www.bikeexif.com/the-vintagent
My photography: http://mototintype.com/
My publisher: https://vimeo.com/107572550?ref=em-share

THE NEANDER from Voe on Vimeo.

YouMotorcycle: Do you ride?

Voe: Not yet. I love riding racing bikes. Meeting Paul really triggered something so motorcycles will join the club soon too.

YouMotorcycle: How did you get into film making?

Voe: Since I was a kid I loved stories. Listening to them, sharing them, telling them. I guess that’s why I ended up becoming a filmmaker. Before that I tried some other stuff workwise, took some detours and eventually met Alexander at True motion pictures. He took me under his wing a couple of years ago. Now I’m here.

The Neander

YouMotorcycle: Have you mixed video and motorcycles in the past?

Voe: Not before this one. Always wanted to. Then this fortunately happened. We got more exciting projects coming.

YouMotorcycle: What made you want to make this clip?

Voe: Alexander told us about Paul and his friend’s collection. That Paul wanted to capture this lovely, crazy, futuristic, old machine. We were immediately all in.

YouMotorcycle: How’d it go?

Voe: We went down to Bavaria kind of the same day, met Paul and instantly clicked. But we had to shoot right away. The beautiful thing about this collaboration is the huge trust we share in each others talent and skills. So it was really just going with the flow on this one.

YouMotorcycle: Where can readers find out more about you?

Voe: Voe is a filmmaking duo consisting of my friend Sven and myself.
The film production we are with is True motion pictures. http://truemotionpictures.de

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