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KYMCO Venox Saddlebags and Sprocket Upgrade

New Customer Pics – John’s Venox

Got some pics from the land down under, where a new customer, John H. did a little holiday shopping for his KYMCO Venox. He picked up our 44t Venox sprocket, and some saddlebags from the YouMotorcycle.com shop. Truthfully, the shop doesn’t have much in it, but we can get you just about anything you need by special order, just Contact Us with what you’re looking for.

John's KYMCO Venox

John reached out to me looking for a sprocket upgrade for his KYMCO Venox. It’s a 250cc cruiser with tall gearing, especially considering its 11,500 rev limiter. The bike benefits greatly from a larger rear sprocket, as it raises the RPMs and dramatically increases performance. There is no replacement for displacement, but sometimes a little handiwork can yield the desired outcome just fine. If you’re interested in what gearing modifications might do for your motorcycle’s performance, you might want to check out GearingCommander.

KYMCO Venox Tachometer

We had a new gear made up for John. I found a chain that he could order locally in order to save on the shipping costs. Then we discussed other modifications. John had previous ordered a tachometer for his KYMCO Venox, and he was interested in getting some bags for the bike. I told him we had a premium motorcycle saddlebag for the Venox and sent him some pics. He was sold.

KYMCO Venox Saddlebags and Sprocket Upgrade

All in all I think the bike looks sharp. Big thank you to John and all of our readers who support the site and our sponsors.

As for John, he seems happy.

John's email

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  1. RT @YouMotorcycle: New Customer Pics – John’s Venox https://t.co/IJcqiw2CqB https://t.co/DEsKBvL8JF

  2. RT @YouMotorcycle: New Customer Pics – John’s Venox https://t.co/IJcqiw2CqB https://t.co/DEsKBvL8JF

  3. Hey, Adrian! Merry Xmas…….and, on the weekend, Happy 2017!
    That seat cover on the KYMCO looks pretty comfy; is it a gel-pad?
    Any chance it (or one LIKE it) would fit on wifey’s V-Star 1100 Classic?
    Cheers, dude.

    • Definitely, you could go gel pad or air cushion. Some also use sheepskin or beads. If height is a factor, has she considered replacing the entire seat, or would she rather simply supplement it?

      • I think the seat height is good. It’s more a problem of “surface” and possibly the need for a backrest. “Trial” installations would be informative… but, I realize, not likely.

        • That’s going to depend largely on the shop you go to. Where I worked for a number of years we carried the Air Hawk brand of seat air cushions, designed to distribute your weight across the surface of the pad, offer more support, keep things cooler, etc. We had a demo model we kept out of box and frequently carried out the front door with us to throw on the seats of riders’ own bikes to let them see what it was all about. Reach out to me next time you or the missus are in town and I’ll see if I can ask the owners to do the same for ya.

          • A 14″x14″ Air Hawk 2 would be $144 MSRP + tax, but I can get you one for about 10-15% off if interested. You’re looking at about the same prices for a Saddlemen Saddlegel gel seat pad. MSRPs are the same. Alternatively, a full on two up Mustang seat with rider backrest will run you over $1,000. Now is when you wait until she falls asleep and take a measuring tape to her back side.

  4. Srovnání cestovního pojištění

    Sorry for nooby comment, but what is that middle meter near clock? That is thermometer or fuel?

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