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Oddball ICON Airmada Clearance Helmets

Hey everyone, Adrian here, and I have some oddball size/color helmets on clearance I’m looking to get rid of before the end of the year. If your head size is anywhere from average to watermelon, you can skip this. However, if your head is the size of a peanut, I’ve got some deals for you!

ICON Airmada (Blue Gloss XS only)

ICON Airmada Gloss BlueThe Airmada is the end result of Icons hard-earned experience in an industry that does not tolerate second best. Airmada brings rider comfort to a whole new level. Injection-molded polycarbonate shell for strength and durability Recessed twin-channel super vent with …

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ICON Airmada SB1 Helmet (Silver in S, Yellow in XS)

ICON Airmada SB110 years of pushing the envelope, of going above and beyond. A decade of creating technologically advanced products designed by and for the needs of the street rider: you. The ICON Airmada SB1 helmet is the end result of all our hard-earned experience in an industry that doesn’t tolerate second best. This is ICON’s highest evolution of helmet craftsmanship and you’ll realize this from the moment you take off.

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ICON Airmada Stack Helmet (High-Vis. XS-S, White 2XS)

ICON Airmada Stack Helmet

“Ride the Lightning” may have put metal up yerass, but the Stack will put thunder in your soul. Boom! As serious as a duo-toned seizure, the Stack riffs a feedback-induced hymn of epic loudness. You do not compute, and neither does this ICON Airmada Stack helmet graphic.

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ICON Airmada Lucky Lid 2 Helmet (XS-S)

Icon Airmada Lucky Lid 2 Helmet

A gambler’s nightmare and Alice in Wonderland all rolled into one, the Lucky Lid 2 is part good fortune and part stranger in the shadow ready to attack. And if you’ve ever thought helmets these days just aren’t bright enough, you’re in luck, Icon thought the same thing. Turned up to the max, the colors will make your surroundings glow like a nuclear waste spill.

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Ok, no matter how much I try, I can’t make that last helmet any cheaper than the big box store, but I wanted to throw it in there so you can see that I’m being transparent with you guys.
To see all of our helmets for sale, check our the shop.

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  1. Sorry Adrian, think I’m too much of a big head to use any of those!

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