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Our Top 16 Most Sold Items in 2016

Our Top 16 Most Sold Items in 2016

In 2016, between YouMotorcycle and our brother site, bikerMetric, over 140 items were shipped to motorcyclists around the world. Only four items were returned this year, and those were handled by Amazon. Not bad! I’ve spent the last hour reviewing our sales, and in this post I’ll share with you a collection of our hottest selling and coolest items shipped out this year.

1) Turn signals and lights

Evidently, I sell a lot of turn signal and lighting accessories. Roughly 10% of all items sold helped motorcyclists either see or be seen. Particularly popular were:

Motorcycle Helmets2) Helmets (especially Bell Helmets)

Helmets made up another substantial amount of all sales. Personally, I believe that proper motorcycle helmet fitment is important, and they are one of those pieces of gear that I prefer to buy in person. That being said, those who did buy their helmets online showed favoritism towards these two lids in particular:

  • Bell Custom 500 – $95 – I love the variety of colors, finishes, and designs in the C500 line up. Some of the previous seasons’ designs can be found at a reduced price and still look awesome.
  • Bell Pit Boss – $129 – The Pit Boss gives riders low-profile cruiser styling mixed in with dial-adjustable fitment and a built-in tinted visor.

Bluetooth Headsets3) Helmet Accessories

Motorcycle Covers4) Motorcycle Covers

The right motorcycle cover can keep your bike clean, shiny, and even rust-free for decades. Look for a cover with ventilation and heat shielding. These features will allow any moisture on your bike to vent out, and avoid leaving any marks on hot exhaust pipes. Top sellers:

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