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Our Top 16 Most Sold Items in 2016

Our Top 16 Most Sold Items in 2016

Motorcycle Books5) Motorcycle Books

I’m proud of our history working with great authors over the years. Zippy Nicole Winters, wandering Jefe Smith, lovely Liz Hardy, and adventurous Allan Karl are all offers we’ve featured on the site in the past. But this year brought on something different. We sold more books for toddlers than for anyone else!

Motorcycle Oil6) Motorcycle Oil

Readers were split all over the board when it came to your tastes in oil. If I had to average out, I would say that 10W40 was the most common oil weight, more people are using full synthetic oils than last year, Motul is the leading brand but not by much, and no two-stroke oil was sold this year. The most commonly sold oils were:

  • MOTUL OIL 5100 10W50 4TBLEND 4L – $35 – I use the 10W40 version of this oil, but the 50 was commonly sold, is on sale, and you get free shipping.
  • MOTUL OIL 7100 10W40 4T FULL SYNTHETIC 4L – $53 – Ah, the oil we should all be using so we can feel like the MotoGP pros that Motul sponsors. At $53 with free shipping, it might be time for you to upgrade and try this stuff out.

Oil Filter7), 8), 9), 10, and 11) Everything else you could think of for an oil change.

Not surprisingly, many more filters were sold than jugs of oil. PeopleThe top sellers were:

  • K&N Oil Filters – $11 – The K&N-138 oil filter accounted for 5% of all sales alone.
  • Oil Filter Tool and Oil Filter Pliers – $9 – I prefer the tool for my Suzuki, but it will all depend on what the clearance looks like on your particular motorcycle.
  • Magnetic Drain Plugs – $8 – Help reduce damage to your motor with magnetic drain plugs designed to pick up any metal debris in your oil caused by regular wear and tear on your motorcycle.
  • Oil Drain Pans and Funnels – $24 – When shopping for a drain pan, remember that the average pan is designed to fit under a car, not a motorcycle, and you’ll need something with more clearance. This pan is only 4″ off the ground, meaning it should fit even under long and low Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Motorcycle lift12) Motorcycle Jacks and Stands

Back to servicing your motorcycles. Jacks are a simple way of doing that without having to work on the ground.

  • PowerZone 380047 1700  LB Hydraulic Motorcycle/ATV Jack – $114 – I enjoyed using a foot activated hydraulic lift very similar to this one for a number of years before handing it off to a neighbor who now uses it for his Honda Goldwing. Infinitely handy and seriously strong.
  • XtremepowerUS 1100Lbs Motorcycle Scissor Center Jack – $55 – Motorcycles with exhaust pipes that run under the frame won’t be able to work with the previous jack. Use this instead. It’s also handy for helping to support a motorcycle that is already on a table lift and needs front or back support (for example, during a tire change). Free shipping too!

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