Our Top 16 Most Sold Items in 2016

In 2016, between YouMotorcycle and our brother site, bikerMetric, over 140 items were shipped to motorcyclists around the world. Only four items were returned this year, and those were handled by Amazon. Not bad! I’ve spent the last hour reviewing our sales, and in this post I’ll share with you a collection of our hottest selling and coolest items shipped out this year.

1) Turn signals and lights

Evidently, I sell a lot of turn signal and lighting accessories. Roughly 10% of all items sold helped motorcyclists either see or be seen. Particularly popular were:

2) Helmets (especially Bell Helmets)

Helmets made up another substantial amount of all sales. Personally, I believe that proper motorcycle helmet fitment is important, and they are one of those pieces of gear that I prefer to buy in person. That being said, those who did buy their helmets online showed favoritism towards these two lids in particular:

3) Helmet Accessories

4) Motorcycle Covers

The right motorcycle cover can keep your bike clean, shiny, and even rust-free for decades. Look for a cover with ventilation and heat shielding. These features will allow any moisture on your bike to vent out, and avoid leaving any marks on hot exhaust pipes. Top sellers:

5) Motorcycle Books

I’m proud of our history working with great authors over the years. Zippy Nicole Winters, wandering Jefe Smith, lovely Liz Hardy, and adventurous Allan Karl are all offers we’ve featured on the site in the past. But this year brought on something different. We sold more books for toddlers than for anyone else!

6) Motorcycle Oil

Readers were split all over the board when it came to your tastes in oil. If I had to average out, I would say that 10W40 was the most common oil weight, more people are using full synthetic oils than last year, Motul is the leading brand but not by much, and no two-stroke oil was sold this year. The most commonly sold oils were:

7), 8), 9), 10, and 11) Everything else you could think of for an oil change.

Not surprisingly, many more filters were sold than jugs of oil. PeopleThe top sellers were:

12) Motorcycle Jacks and Stands

Back to servicing your motorcycles. Jacks are a simple way of doing that without having to work on the ground.

13) GPS Devices

Motorcyclists are often the wanderlust type, and these devices and accessories help riders get outdoorsy and adventurous.

14) KYMCO Venox Stuff

The Venox is a rare 250cc baby muscle-cruiser. Mine is currently beside me, inside YouMotorcycle HQ, after over 35,000 amazing kilometers together. Top sellers:

15) Controls, grips, levers, and more

A variety of adjustable levers, grips, and other small control accessories were sold. We actually learned about some pretty cool stuff from you guys! Here are some of our favorites:

16) Other Cool Stuff

Some honorable mentions:

That’s it! Ok, so it’s more like 30 top selling items, but this is the stuff that, even after ten years of riding, I get excited about putting on my wishlist.

A big thank you to everyone who’s supported the site, be it from liking and sharing our posts to checking out the sponsors or buying yourself something new via our Amazon links. Your support means a lot. Thank you!