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Buying your first motorcycle

This article is a part of our How To Buy Your First Motorcycle series. The previous article looked at how to get your M2 Intermediate motorcycle license. The next article looks at new vs. usedbuying gear, , and how not to get ripped off.

So you're buying your first motorcycle, good for you! You're probably wondering, should I buy new or used? What are the pros and cons? How long before I outgrow a beginner motorcycle? What fits my budget?

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Get your M2 Intermediate Motorcycle License

Part of our on-going How to Buy your First Motorcycle series. We've already looked at motorcycle insurance, the M1 license, including an M1 practice test, now it's time for the M2 test. We'll cover:

Should I take an M1 exit course (a.k.a. MSF riding school course), or just take the test with the ministry?

Does taking a course for my M1 exit test help me save on motorcycle insurance?

What are the approved ministry of transportation motorcycle courses and which one should I take?

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How To: KYMCO Venox Oil Change

What oil should I use and how do I change the oil on my motorcycle?

KYMCO recommends 5W-50 motorcycle oil. This chart illustrates what motorcycle oil you should use based on the temperature. What you use in the desert or tropics may not be what we use here in Canada. On my KYMCO Venox, I put in fresh 10W-40 Semi-Synthetic motorcycle oil every oil change. The Synthetic vs. Non-Synthetic debate is older than I am and so I'll avoid it. I like my Semi-Synthetic, it's more than what's recommended, and it's good enough for me.

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Harley-Davidson Sportster - What model is my sportster?

Identify What Model of Harley-Davidson Sportster you Have

I came across someone who was restoring a 2005 Harley-Davidson Sportster motorcycle he recently bought. He was doing an awesome job rebuilding it, but didn't know what model of Sportster it was.

It's important to know what Sportster model you have, examples: Low, 883R, SuperLow, Custom, Standard, Roadster, etc. While 95% of parts are interchangeable, getting the wrong Sportster parts for the others can result in different lengths at suspension and at the forks, the wrong tires, and more.

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Get Your Motorcycle License

Get your M1 License

This page is Step 2 in our How to buy your first motorcycle series of articles. The series will walk you through everything from getting insurance quotes and your motorcycle license, to choosing the right motorcycle and how best to buy it, as well as finding motorcycle gear and accessories that fit you, your bike, and your budget. We recommend starting this guide from its Start Page.

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11 Reasons Not to Buy a Trailer from Lay-Zee Acres RV Sales

11 Reasons Not to Buy a Trailer from Lay-Zee Acres RV Sales

If you're in the market for a toy hauler so you can bring your motorcycle with you while you travel all over the continent with your tiny home and your bike, you should probably buy from anywhere but here.

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Motorcycle Helmet Review Ruroc Atlas 2

Motorcycle Helmet Review: Ruroc Atlas 2.0

The Atlas 2.0 is Ruroc's second take on making a premium motorcycle helmet. Check out this review to see whether or not the sequel beats the original, and why this helmet really stands out.

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Best motorcycle trailer ever

The Best Motorcycle Trailer Ever

This motorcycle trailer drops down to the ground so you can ride or push your motorcycle on easily without any ramps or slopes.

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Bikerisma Clothing for Motorcyclists

Bikerisma Clothing for Motorcyclists

Bikerisma has an ever-expanding selection of motorcycle clothing and apparel for men and women and the quality is spot-on, but what's the fit like?

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